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Bible Conference at Pensacola Christian College. Singing and a wonderful sermon by Dr. Raymond Barber.  He has been preaching for 68 years and his message one of encouragement for Christians, students, and ministers.  Several thousand were in attendance.

Dr. Raymond Barber, nationally known for his eloquent preaching, was pastor at Worth Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas for thirty-five years. Today he is an evangelist and writer. He is also founder and president-emeritus of Norris Bible Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth.[0]=68.ARDhk5pT8XoJgLtKinUT1zRuvie_6cfmi_XM3cJnPocB_dS6rnQTEyDql7vv5PlVg7HLJJiZYbpWF-Q2RDl_lI9HcBTWl7XSUUASGXrvtaiTqFzFx5SUbmm4zJ_q51aiQ2KUS0CbsO85fLA4P5CpcCcNk2SKofN0FzOWhK9N2ks3HK6sFIIbI-eByeWwYDZdjcu_PlQCg6qoduj_SufIs6Mvc7nnWQU953se3cwEcVX8AcxDcu8ydQPU9oOmoPb-4XUUVb_AKoE-gvBpT6erdDg2vParv5HZ30KE4xeEwQgS1HY_N0v7gm2zHRLZqLCUp5Lxtb7uhRtJ4H0ryda2sfNqGg

Jesus Christ Rules for One Thousand Years

If you watch this you will learn several important things that you may not have ever heard. Those of you who have often said I wish I knew more about my Bible will find here some of that wish coming true. Don’t miss this. Take the time.

What on Earth Is the Millennium?- is part of the Sermon Series Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven David Jeremiah (born February 13, 1941) is the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego California. He is the founder of Turning Point Ministries. He is a teacher, author, pastor, and an evangelist. What on Earth Is the Millennium DVD:… What on Earth Is the Millennium CD:…

God’s Clock is Ticking Down

W. A. Criswell

The Time on God’s Clock

The Insignificant
   When I was a teenager, Sinclair Lewis, the famous novelist and agnostic, was still living. One day Lewis stood up in a pulpit in Kansas City and made fun of the idea of God. He said, “If there is a God, I challenge Him to come and strike me dead here in this pulpit.” And when Lewis said that, the whole world of infidelity applauded. How smart! “Man, did you ever hear anything like that?” said the whole world. They headlined it in the newspapers and wrote of it in editorials. How well I remember that!
   At the same time, many of our newspapers carried a column entitled “Today” written by Arthur Brisbane. Brisbane wrote about Lewis and his statement from the Kansas City pulpit. He said that Lewis reminded him of a little ant in the deserts of Arizona. Through the middle of Arizona ran the great Santa Fe railroad. This little ant got on top of one of those big steel rails and lifted his hand and said, “I am told that the head of this railroad is a man named W. B. Storey. I do not believe it. If there is a W. B. Storey who runs this railroad, I dare him to come out here to Arizona and step on my head.” Then Brisbane said that W. B. Storey would say, “It is just not worth my time.” Right! Why should the Almighty of the universe, the sovereign God of time and eternity, come to earth to strike down Sinclair Lewis?

You Must be Born Again!

It is absolutely essential that you experience the new birth (John 3:7).  : “Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’” “Must” is a strong word of necessity. It’s not an option. Genuine Christianity is, as Puritan Henry Scougal titled his book, nothing less than The Life of God in the Soul of Man [Sprinkle Publications]. Scougal wrote that book in 1677 when he was 27; he died of tuberculosis when he was 28. NOTE: THIS DEAR AUTHOR HAD NO IDEA THAT THIS BOOK WOULD REACH THE HEART OF WHAT WOULD BE THE GREAT REVIVALIST, GEORGE WHITEFIELD.

In the early 1700s, a 21-year-old Oxford student realized that his debauched, wicked life needed to be reformed. He resolved to change. He denied himself every luxury; he wore ragged clothes; he ate no foods except those that were repugnant to him; he fasted twice a week; he gave his money to the poor; and he spent whole nights in prayer, lying prostrate on the cold stones or the wet grass. But he felt like he was putting a coat of paint on rotten wood. His outward deeds only hid his inward corruption.

Then a college friend, Charles Wesley, gave that struggling young man, George Whitefield, a copy of Scougal’s book. Whitefield read Scougal’s book with amazement and delight. It told him that true Christianity is the union of the soul with God. It is Christ formed in us. Whitefield said (In A Frank Boreham Treasury, p. 66),

When I read this, a ray of divine light instantaneously darted in upon my soul; and, from that moment, but not till then, did I know that I must become a new creature. After having undergone innumerable buffetings by day and night, God was pleased at length to remove my heavy load and to enable me, by a living faith, to lay hold on His dear Son. And oh! with what joy—joy unspeakable and full of glory—was I filled when the weight of sin left me and an abiding sense of the pardoning love of God broke in upon my disconsolate soul!

Whitefield’s favorite Scripture became John 3:3 (KJV), “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” He went on to preach more than 18,000 sermons, often on that text, sometimes to outdoor crowds of over 20,000 people (with no microphone!). He made many trips to America and was used greatly in the First Great Awakening. In one of his final sermons, he said (ibid., p. 70), “I am now fifty-five years of age and I tell you that I am more than ever convinced that the truth of the new birth is a revelation from God Himself and that without it you can never be saved by Jesus Christ.”

A friend asked him one day, “Why do you so often preach on Ye must be born again?”

“Because,” replied Whitefield solemnly, looking full into the face of the questioner, “because ye must be born again!”…/lesson-15-why-you-need-new-birth-john-3…

This story by: Stephen J. Cole

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