Ted Koppel’s New Book: Lights Out

Are you saved?

Are you saved?


Editor’s notes

Editor’s notes

Featured Preacher

Featured Preacher

Dr. Mike Stevens


Value of a Soul

Value of a Soul

The Price Jesus Paid for You & Me

This sermon outline is taken from the pen of Dr. Charles Stanley.  I encourage you to visit his website and listen to this message with all of the prayerful attention you can muster.  It is a message our generation should hear and believe.  His site,  I watched him deliver this powerful message last Sunday [...]

Then, There Were Four!

Billy Mays

If celebrities die in threes and some say they do.  We have another series working with the death of Billy Mays, the famous TV pitchman.  More housewives have listened to his colorful presentations of  Oxi Clean–more important–they bought it.  He started out selling mops and knives at state fairs and at home shows popular in [...]

They Die in Threes




When the first died, Ed McMahon, I was not thinking who will be next.  I was musing on the life and death of Ed.  He had been the sidekick of Johnny Carson for 30 years.  Those two were the pair.   I suppose nearly every adult imagined a fantasy of one [...]

Only Christ Can Make a Christian

SELF-MADE COP Read John 1:12  by Dr. Michael Guido

A boy pinned a play badge on his shirt, put a toy revolver in his belt, and jumped into the living room to surprise his father.

“Hands up, Pop,” he cried, “I’m a cop.”

“Yes,” said the father over his newspaper. “By you and by [...]

Dr. Faulkner in Heaven

 Dr. J. R. Faulkner 1914 – 2009






 Sunday, June 14 from 2:00 – 6:00 pm at the Funeral Home Monday, June 15 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm Highland Park Baptist Church


                            Funeral Service                          Monday June 15, 2:00 pm                           Highland Park Baptist Church                           Graveside [...]

This Little Girl Will Grab Your Heart

There’s lots of bad news in the world.  We hear and see it and sometimes we experience it.  But every now and then something good comes down the pike.  Something that grabs our heart in a good way.  One such event  is this story.  I saw it first on the news (I think Fox) and [...]