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Are you saved?

Are you saved?


Editor’s notes

Editor’s notes

Featured Preacher

Featured Preacher

Dr. Mike Stevens


Value of a Soul

Value of a Soul

In Christ: You Shall not be Charged for Sin

Charles H Spurgeon

Romans 8:33 Who shall lay anything to the charge of God’s elect?

Most blessed challenge! How unanswerable it is! Every sin of the elect was laid upon the great Champion of our salvation, and by the atonement carried away. There is no sin in God’s book against His people: He seeth [...]

Guaranteed Victory!

Oliver Boyce Greene (February 14, 1915 – July 26, 1976) was an Independent Fundamental Baptist evangelist and

Oliver B Greene

author. He converted in 1935 at the age of 20. Over 300,000 confessions of faith were recorded as a result of his ministry in Gospel tent meetings.[1] Although uneducated with little training, he conducted [...]

B R Lakin Preaching

Bascom Ray Lakin (January 5,[1] 1901- March 15, 1984) was a Baptist preacher and evangelist.

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B R Lakin, the Circuit Rider

B. R. Lakin was born on a farm near Fort Gay, West Virginia, on the Kentucky border. His mother had prayed for a “preacher man” and had [...]

How to Find God


By Michael Guido / Metter, Georgia

Michael Guido

Comedian Red Skelton was once asked to speak to a college student body on the subject of religion. At the end of his speech, during a question and answer session a student asked, Why can t I find God?

Skelton quickly [...]

Don’t Let this Happen to You, or Yours

SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD -Their foot shall slide in due time- Deut. 32:35 This is a classic sermon, perhaps the most famous sermon ever recorded in America, preached by Jonathan Edwards. Mr. Edwards is credited with helping start the second great spiritual awakening in America with this sermon. It was delivered in 1741, a time when emotionalism in the pulpit was in great disfavor. Mr. Edwards made sure no emotionalism was displayed in his reading of this sermon. It was read in poor lighting and with the full manuscript in hand. Still, people came under mighty conviction during the message–some shouting, “My Lord, man! Do something to save us!!!” Grown men grasp the pillars to keep from sliding into Hell. Powerful message that deserves your full and prayerful attention. –Editor -Their foot shall slide in due time- Deut. 32:35 In this verse is threatened the vengeance of God on the wicked unbelieving Israelites, who were God’s visible people, and who lived under the means of grace; but who, notwithstanding all God’s wonderful works towards them, remained (as ver. 28.) void of counsel, having no understanding in them. Under all the cultivations of heaven, they brought forth bitter and poisonous fruit; as in the two verses next preceding the text. The expression I have chosen for my text, Their foot shall slide in due time, seems to imply the following doings, relating to the punishment and destruction to which these wicked Israelites were exposed. [...]