The Blood of Jesus Christ

Billy Graham Preaching

Dr. Billy Graham has preached hundreds of sermons, perhaps thousands. But none more important than this one on the precious blood of Jesus Christ.  Here is Billy Graham at his best.

“The Blood of Jesus Christ.”

If you have an unsaved loved one, point them to this message.  I spoke to a man that I had known to be the town bootlegger in a little town in Georgia.  He had lived a very ungodly life.  He very happily told me he had been saved watching Billy Graham on TV.  He died a short time later.  This is a great message that all need to hear.

Here is another sermon by Dr. Graham, “Born Again.” What does this Bible term mean?  How can a person be “born again?”  Is it possible for a sinner to turn from that sin and experience a new birth?  Listen as Billy Graham makes this important Bible subject crystal clear from the Scriptures.  Click this link: “Born Again.”

Who is the Head?

“Headship” And Equality Between Men And Women

By Dr. Adrian Rogers

Adrian Rogers


“Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.” Ephesians 5:21

First Corinthians 11:3 says, “The head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” Sometimes we get confused about what it means to be the “head” of the family. Anything with no head is dead and anything with two heads is abnormal. Just because the man is the head doesn’t mean that the wife is inferior. Both men and women bear the image of God. Both are heirs of the grace of life. Both are equal before God. But while male and female are equal, God has given them different roles. In the family, men have been given the role of leader.

How would our world function if no one was in charge? How would your body function without your head? Pray for leaders in your home, community, church, state, and nation.

For more details and information about the ministry of the late Dr. Adrian Rogers and the worldwide impact that ministry is still having, go to: Dr. Rogers in his lifetime touched the whole world for Christ and that ministry is still going forward.  Amazing!

Good Advice for Young & Old


By Michael Guido

Michael Guido

While counseling an anxious young college student recently, he said, I need your guidance. I know that you are very successful so I know that any advice you give me would be very worthwhile. Can you give me a few words that can guide me through life?
Yes, I replied. But first you must know that they come from the Bible and that I have found them most reliable.
The first word is anything. Be willing to do any work or task that God places before you. Accept all of His assignments with confidence because He has never planned for anyone to fail.
The second word is anywhere. Be ready to follow Him wherever He leads you. The will of God won t lead you where the grace of God can t protect you or His power provide for your every need.
Finally, any cost. Nothing is too precious to give up for the Lord. And whatever you give up for Him will be given back to you many, many times over. And above all remember this: Give up everything for Him but do not give Him up for anything.
Jesus said, Take up your cross and follow me! To be one of His disciples means carrying a cross. Carrying a cross as He did means we are willing to submit and surrender our lives to Him and do what He asks us to do.

Prayer: Father, may we realize that being Your disciples carries with it a supreme sacrifice – carrying a cross as You did. Help us to be willing to pay the price. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Talmage’s Mother Prayed all Night

The Gift of a Praying Mother

from Herald of His Coming

Dr. T De Witt Talmage


When David Talmage, the father of the famous preacher, T. DeWitt Talmage, was an eighteen-year-old boy still living at home with his brother Jacob and his sister, one night the three of them were going to a party.

Their mother, who was an invalid, just before they left, called them to her bedside and said, You are going out to a festive party; but I want you to know that I shall be on my knees praying for you until you return.

They went, and on their return passed their mother’s door at two o’clock, catching a glimpse of her still kneeling by her bed.

Early the next morning, Mother Talmage wakened her husband and asked him to get up and see what was the matter, for she heard someone weeping.

Going hastily down to the living room Father Talmage found his daughter on her knees weeping, but when he undertook to speak to her, she said, Go to the barn, father, for David is in worse need of you than I am. I shall be all right.

Going to the barn the old gentleman found David weeping his heart out from the mighty conviction that had seized him. However, when Mr. Talmage had prayed a short time with him, David said, Go to Jacob, he needs you more than I do now, I presume. He’s in the wagon shed.

So it turned out that the Lord saved all three of the Talmage children that morning, in answer to the determined and definite praying of their mother.

David had a sweetheart living down the lane, and rising from his knees, he went right down to her home and told her the wonderful news about himself and his brother and sister being saved, urging her to give her heart to God.

In the prayer there they had together she, too, was added to the host of the redeemed. The news reaching the church produced a tremendous sensation, and a gracious and widespread revival followed!

This sweetheart of David’s later became the mother of T. DeWitt Talmage. Some years afterwards she made a solemn covenant with four other women to meet with them every Wednesday afternoon and pray for their children, until every child in the five homes was saved.

The covenant was kept until every child in the five families was converted.

Written by T. DeWitt Talmage

Editor’s Note: Here is a moving, powerful sermon from the heart of the late T. DeWitt Talmage entitled, Tears in Heaven.  Click the following link for immediate access.