How to Know You will go to Heaven

This timely presentation by the Editor


Ron English, Editor

     This is the important question that we all should face before our death.   Dr. Joe Henry Hankins made a provoking statement, “If you are not saved nothing else matters.”   Should you take the time and expend the energy and expense you could go around the world and ask people,  where ever you meet them,  this question: “Can you tell me how I can be sure,  when I die,  I will go to Heaven?”  You will be amazed at the various answers you will receive.  You will soon determine, very few people know the way to Heaven and even fewer can tell you how you can be sure that you will make it there.  Don’t just go to people who never attend a church, but include those that attend church each week, religious people.  The majority of people,  to whom you speak, will not give you a convincing answer.    I will place that important question to you.  I think we can agree that today…this very day that you are living in right now…this day is the first day of the rest of your life…that being said please give your undivided attention to the following question and thought. 

Do you know for certain that if you had to face the Lord in the next 10 seconds, do you know that you would go to Heaven?   If you cannot answer that question with a resounding yes, please watch the following short video and then if you want to read more, then click on the link below it and read a short presentation of “God’s Simple Plan of Salvation.” 

 Watch brief video and know for sure (Click   Link)

      I worked with Dr. John R. Rice for the last eight years of his life serving in the ministry he founded, The Sword of the Lord Foundation.  The greater part of his ministry was the publishing of the foremost revival weekly Christian paper, The Sword of the Lord.  In this paper, published each week, he presented at least three sermons; One addressed to the unsaved; one by a leading pastor or evangelist of the day; another would usually be a sermon or message by Dr. Rice.  The paper was scattered far and wide in the thousands of copies.  At one time over 300,000 ( for a brief time, almost a year, we sent the paper to 500,000 homes in the USA) people subscribed to the paper each week.  In the files at the ministry headquarters in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, there are thousands of salvation decisions from those who read one of these sermons or read Dr. Rice’s Gospel tract, “What Must I Do to be Saved?”    Now you can read his famous tract and learn first-hand how you, too, can be saved and know for sure you will go to Heaven when you die.  Just click the link below and you will see a picture of Dr. Rice and find his tract ready for you to read. 

Dr. John R. Rice, Author

Dr. Mike Stevens Shares: How to Get to Heaven

Dr. Mike Stevens was in my church when I was pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Lumpkin, Georgia.  Mike and his family were charter members of that church born out of an old-fashioned tent meeting conducted by Dr. Paul Johnson.  Dr. Johnson at that time was a teacher at Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, TN.  Dr. Johnson was a home-town boy from Lumpkin and his parents were still members of that church while I was there.  They were my dear friends and godly Christians happy to support their new pastor.  I salute their memory as I point you to Dr. Mike Stevens’ website and this little video where he tells you How to Get to Heaven.  Dr. Stevens’ website:

How to Get to Heaven (Click Link)

Dr. Mike shown here with his guitar.  Mike is an accomplished musician and experienced Gospel preacher.  A successful pastor and now serving the Lord in evangelism.  Preaches to thousands each year.