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Are you saved?

Are you saved?


Editor’s notes

Editor’s notes

Featured Preacher

Featured Preacher

Dr. Mike Stevens


Value of a Soul

Value of a Soul

Christians Can Never Sin Cheaply

It is contrary to the designs of eternal love, which all have an eye to your purity and holiness; therefore run not counter to the purposes of your Lord. Another thought should restrain thee from sin. Christians can never sin cheaply; They pay a heavy price for iniquity. Transgression destroys peace of mind… Sin obscures fellowship with Jesus… Your sin hinders prayer… Sin brings darkness over the soul… Therefore be not the slave and bondman of sin. There is yet a higher argument: each time you “serve sin” you have “Crucified the Lord afresh, and put Him to an open shame.” Can you bear that thought? [...]

How Great Thou Art!

How Great Thou Art

Author: Carl Bobert Date Written: 1886

O Lord my God, When I in awesome wonder, Consider all the worlds Thy Hands have made; I see the [...]


I will not rehearse the familiar story of the fast young man of the parable. You know what a splendid home he left. You know what a hard time he had. And you remember how after that season of vagabondage and prodigality he resolved to go and weep out his sorrows on the bosom of parental forgiveness. Well, there is great excitement one day in front of the door of the old farmhouse. The servants come rushing up and say: “What’s the matter? What is the matter?” But before they quite arrive, the old man cries out: “Put a ring on his hand.” What a seeming absurdity! What can such a wretched mendicant as this fellow that is tramping on toward the house want with a ring? Oh, he is the prodigal son. No more tending of the swine-trough. No more longing for the pods of the carob-tree. No more blistered feet. Off with the rags! On with the robe! Out with the ring! Even so does God receive every one of us when we come back. There are gold rings, and pearl rings, and carnelian rings, and diamond rings; but the richest ring that ever flashed on the vision is that which our Father puts upon a forgiven soul. [...]

Roles Will Be Reversed



By Charles H Spurgeon


Ecclesiastes 10:7


I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.




Mr. Spurgeon

Upstarts frequently usurp the highest places, while the truly great pine in obscurity. This is a riddle in providence whose solution will one day gladden [...]

It is Time to be Strong

By Charles H. Spurgeon

Joshua 1:7

“Only be thou strong and very courageous.”


Charles H Spurgeon

Our God’s tender love for His servants makes Him concerned for the state of their inward feelings. He desires them to be of good courage.

Some esteem it a small thing for a believer to be [...]