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Are you saved?

Are you saved?


Editor’s notes

Editor’s notes

Featured Preacher

Featured Preacher

Dr. Mike Stevens


Value of a Soul

Value of a Soul

Hard Times Can Make You or Break You

Adversity—Burden or Bridge? Print Page  

By Dr. Charles Stanley

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Memory Verse: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Charles Stanley

I. Introduction: Adversity touches everyone sooner or later. Some believers crumble under the pressure of difficult times. They become so bitter and resentful towards God that they walk away from His calling [...]

Heavenly Sunlight

Wagon Trains and Cool Water


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Here is a book review written by Dr. Robert L. Sumner, editor of The Biblical Evangelist.  Dr. Sumner is a skilled and gifted writer on spiritual matters and no where is his writing more pungent and helpful than when he is writing his review of a book.  After reading this review I thought [...]

God Sends an Angel


By Michael Guido

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a blessed devotion that will have deep meaning for one about to face surgery or for one of your loved ones who is going through a tough trial of sorts.  Read this and meditate on it.  Hopefully you will share it with those for whom you care [...]

Editor Refutes Reader’s Error on Eternal Life

Editor’s Note: Gary read an article we published by Dr. Adrian Rogers on the matter of Eternal Security.  Perhaps he read other articles here on our site where we boldly declare without apology that salvation results in the Christian having everlasting life, eternal life.  Gary is of the erroneous opinion that [...]