How to Be Saved

Ask Dr. Stanley

How to Know You are Saved for Certain: God’s Way of Salvation

Charles Stanley
Charles Stanley

Many of us know the message of the Gospel and about Christ dying on the cross for our sins. But, do you ever wonder how you actually accept Him as Savior? Or, maybe you’re doubting your salvation. Either way, Dr. Stanley gives us the answers straight from the Bible. See what he has to say!  Click the Link below for brief video.

Get to Know the Personal God

Did you know you can come to know God in a personal and real and intimate way?  The answer to many of the thoughts that might plague you and discourage you can be found from a powerful and intimate message presented by a man who was one of the most influential pastors America ever produced.  His name, Adrian Rogers.  Watch this free video presentation and pay God will speak to your heart through it.

Dr. Rogers