Can You Answer this Question?

Our postmodern culture strives to convince us that there is no such thing as objective truth and that no religious truth claim is better than any other. In this session, Ravi Zacharias examines the issues of truth in our society, demonstrating the necessity and existence of objective truth as foundational to the Christian message and all of life. This message is from our 2018 West Coast Conference, Defending the Faith:…

Hear Mike Aldridge

Mike Aldridge is the pastor of South Highland Baptist Church and we are pleased to present this message he gives during this time of pandemic shutdown.  This is their Memorial Day service.  I have known Mike for many years and thank God for him.  I hope you will pray for him and for this good church. You can follow him on YouTube by looking up South Highland Baptist Church, Gadsden AL. Mike trained for the ministry under the famed pastor, Dr. Lee Roberson of Chattanooga TN.

Billy Graham talks with Paul Harvey & the World

Paul Harvey interviews Billy Graham at his home in North Carolina.  Hearing what Billy says about the last time he met with President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower at Walter Reed Hospital will bless your spirit.  There is so much included in this brief video that will touch your heart and move your spirit toward God.  I hope you will watch and listen.