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Billy Graham-The Value of a Soul

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Note: The Great Juggler story is on Video No. 4  It is one of the most timely & interesting stories about value.  Hint: He juggles a giant diamond.

Billy Graham Preaching


William Franklin “Billy” Graham, Jr. (born November 7, 1918) is an American evangelical Christian evangelist. As of April 25, 2010, when he met with Barack Obama, Graham has spent personal time with twelve United States Presidents[1] dating back to Harry S. Truman, and is number seven on Gallup’s list of admired people for the 20th century.[2] He is a Southern Baptist.[3][4] He rose to celebrity status as his sermons were broadcast on radio and television.

It is said that Graham has preached the Gospel in person to more people than any other person in history.[5] According to his staff, as of 1993 more than 2.5 million people have “stepped forward at his crusades to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior”, many to the altar call song “Just As I Am“.[6] As of 2008, Graham’s lifetime audience, including radio and television broadcasts, topped 2.2 billion.[5]

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