Can You Lose Salvation?

Who Is Keeping You In God’s Hand?

By Adrian Rogers / Now in Heaven

“Know therefore that the Lord thy God, He is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love Him and keep His commandments to a thousand generations.” – Deuteronomy 7:9

Adrian Rogers

When I talk about eternal security, inevitably I will hear, “Well, maybe your sins can’t take you out of the hand of God, but Satan can.”

In all due respect, I respond, “Pardon me. But that is foolishness. If Satan could take you out of the hand of God, why hasn’t he done it yet? Hasn’t he been nice to you? That would be a strange doctrine. You’re going to heaven by the grace of the devil!”

God saves us. God keeps us. What has been settled in eternity can never be undone by the ways of men or the schemes of the devil.

Read Romans 8:38-39 today. These would be important verses for you to memorize.

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  1. Tom
    What about free will! Adam sinned and brought death on us all. We must willing accept Christ and willingly serve him. We can turn back at any time, or we can continue, our choice.

  2. This is not an attack against anyone, but I often wonder if some Christians want to be able to lose their salvation in order to boast before God one day as to why they deserve to go to heaven even though Ephesians 2:8-9 clearly states that our salvation, His grace, and the very faith we have is a free gift, not of ourselves so that no one can boast before the Lord. Again not an attack but I am just very interested in this subject, because it is eternally important for myself and all believers to come to the right belief of salvation, whether secure or not.

  3. If a believer’s salvation is eternally secure, then what would be the reason for Paul’s dire warning to the brethren in Rome in the very same chapter?
    “So then, brothers, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh. For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live” (Rom 8:12-13). Paul issues his warning to “brothers” not to unbelievers. Verse 13 is a conditional statement indicated by the word “if” with specific consequences dependent upon whether a brother lives according to the flesh, or by the Spirit dies to the flesh. We also know that Paul cannot be referring to physical death here because everyone dies physically, irrespective of how we live our lives. Therefore the only conclusion that can be reached judging from the simple and plain meaning of the text is that believers risk spiritual death, i.e. separation, condemnation from God if they they continue to live or sow to the flesh.

  4. absolute saved by the Grace of God what’s the only life can give? Even a child is known by his doings it’s so simple John 3:16 God is eternal and the only life he can give the believer is the same not only that but he gives the earnest until We get home to lead and teach us in all truth PRAISE GOD AND SHAME ON THE DEVIL! AMEN I’M COMPLETELY REDEEMED THROUGH THE PRECIOUS BLOOD . GARY THOSE WHO WENT FOWARD YOU POSTED ABOUT WERE PROFESSORS NOT POSSERS. AMEN!

  5. Don’t you think that it is a problem that there is no evidence in the Early Christian Church of the belief that “once saved, always saved”? In fact, quite the opposite. There are plenty of early Christian pastors and theologians in the first three to four centuries AD who warn Christians not to be complacent in their faith and live a life of willful sin…lest they perish to eternal damnation.

    I grew up evangelical. I witnessed many persons pray the Sinner’s Prayer or go forward during an Altar Call and make what seemed to be very genuine professions of faith. These people then went on to witness to others about salvation through faith in Christ, attend Church and prayer meetings, etc. for a number of years.

    They NOW never darken a church door or read a Bible. One person has converted to be a Muslim to marry her Arab husband, completely abandoning the Christian faith. I know of others who became murderers and child molesters and are unrepentant. I know others who are now living lives of sexual immorality and believe that there is nothing wrong with their behavior.

    Do you really believe that if one of these former believers dies…he or she will go to heaven???

    I know one Lutheran mother who’s daughter became an evangelical and had a “born again” experience. A short time later the daughter started living with her boyfriend. Her mother warned her that what she was doing is sin, and that ongoing willful sin against God places her salvation in jeopardy. The daughter replied, “Don’t worry, Mom. I’m covered. I was born again, and if you are born again there is no way you can lose your salvation no matter what you do. Lutherans are wrong.”

    Neither infant baptism nor an adult “born again” experience is a “Get-into-heaven-free” card! Salvation only occurs by the grace of God, received through faith. No faith, no salvation.

    The Christian whose faith and trust is in the Lord need never worry about his eternal security/his salvation. Our salvation is not dependent on how many good works we do. But, the believer who takes his salvation for granted, turns his back on God and lives a life of sin is endangering his soul and very well may wake up one day in hell!

    The doctrine of Eternal Security is an invention of the Calvinists, codified at the Synod of Dort. It is false teaching. It did not exist in the Early Church. It is a license to sin! The Doctrine of Eternal Security is not scriptural!

    I encourage evangelicals to read this Lutheran statement on this issue:

    Luther, Baptists, and Evangelicals

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    How brave of you to not leave your name. No, eternal security is a very real and true doctrine authored by God, Himself. You refer to John 15:1-6 with pride that you have found a weak link in the matter of eternal security. Permit me to point out to you that when this passage was written not one of the 11 disciples were in the Body of Christ at that time…Why? Because there could be no Body of Christ until after the Crucifixion. Sorry, your proof text is flawed. As for the other texts you refer, I will be happy to address each of them if you will be bold enough and kind enough to send me and email to this website. I will answer you in detail. Eternal Security is one of the most blessed and true teachings in the New Testament and there are a number of clear Bible verses that teach it so there is not reason why one should ever be confused. I will be happy to receive your email:

  7. Eternal security is a doctrine of the devil,\. Study
    John 15:1-6 or Hebrews3:12-14 or 6:4-6 or 10:26or
    2 peter 2:20-22 I could give you hundreds more.

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