Talmage: As I Knew Him

A brief look into the family life of T. DeWitt Talmage.  Just a glimpse. 

Dr. Talmage
Dr. Talmage

However, important stories of how his family learned about the saving power of Jesus Christ.  Remarkable conversions. 


 My father was a religious, hard-working, honest

man. Every day began and closed with family worship, led by my father, or, in case of his absence, by Mother. That which was evidently uppermost in the minds of my parents, and that which was the most pervading principle in their lives, was the Christian religion. The family Bible held a perfect fascination for me, not a page that was not discoloured either with time or tears.

My parents read out of it as long as I can remem-

ber. When my brother Van Nest died in a

foreign land, and the news came to our country

home, that night they read the eternal consolations

out of the old book. When my brother David died

that book comforted the old people in their

trouble. My father in mid-life, fifteen years an

invalid, out of that book read of the ravens that

fed Elijah all through the hard struggle for bread.

When my mother died that book illumined the

dark valley. In the years that followed of lone-

liness, it comforted my father with the thought of

reunion, which took place afterward in Heaven.


To the wonderful conversion of my grandfather

and grandmother, in those grand old days of our

declaration of independence, I trace the whole

purpose, trend, and energies of my life. I have

told the story of the conversion of my grandfather

and grandmother before. I repeat it here, for my



My grandfather and grandmother went from

Somerville to Baskenridge to attend revival

meetings under the ministry of Dr. Finney. They

were so impressed with the meetings that when

they came back to Somerville they were seized

upon by a great desire for the salvation of their

children. That evening the children were going

off for a gay party, and my grandmother said to

the children, ” When you get all ready for the

entertainment, come into my room ; I have some-

thing very important to tell you.” After they

were all ready they came into my grandmother’s

room, and she said to them, “Go and have a good

time, but while you are gone I want you to know

I am praying for you and will do nothing but pray

for you until you get back.” They did not enjoy

the entertainment much because they thought all

the time of the fact that Mother was praying for

them. The evening passed. The next day my

grandparents heard sobbing and crying in the

daughter’s room, and they went in and found

her praying for the salvation of God, and her

daughter Phoebe said, ” I wish you would

go to the barn and to the wagon-house




for Jehiel and David (the brothers) are under

powerful conviction of sin.” My grandparent

went to the barn, and Jehiel, who afterward

became a useful minister of the Gospel, was

imploring the mercy of Christ; and then,

having first knelt with him and commended his

soul to Christ, they went to the waggon-house,

and there was David crying for the salvation of

his soul.  David, who afterward became my

father. David could not keep the story to himself,

and he crossed the fields to a farmhouse and told

one to whom he had been affianced the story of

his own salvation, and she yielded her heart to

God. The story of the converted household

went all through the neighbourhood. In a few

weeks two hundred souls stood up in the plain

meeting house at Somerville to profess faith in

Christ, among them David and Catherine, after-

ward my parents.


My mother, impressed with that, in after life,

when she had a large family of children gathered

around her, made a covenant with three neigh-

bours, three mothers. They would meet once a

week to pray for the salvation of their children

until all their children were converted — this inci-

dent was not known until after my mother’s death,

the covenant then being revealed by one of the

survivors. We used to say : ” Mother, where are

you going ? ” and she would say, ” I am just

going out a little while ; going over to the neigh-

bours.” They kept on in that covenant until all

their families were brought into the kingdom of

God, myself the last, and I trace that line of

results back to that evening when my grand-

mother commended our family to Christ, the tide

of influence going on until this hour, and it will

never cease.


My mother died in her seventy-sixth year.



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Blustery Bickering


By Michael Guido, The Sower
Read Philippians 4:13

When Isaac Newton was born, the midwife said, “He’ll not live through the day.”

He was so frail, he had to wear a leather collar to support his head. And he did so poorly at school, he was at the bottom of his class.

But at nineteen he went to Cambridge, and became a Christian. Then he determined to glorify God and minister to man. He believed every discovery he made was given to him by God.

The boy who had been so frail lived to be 85, and who had been a dud in grade school became one of the world’s greatest scientists.

Frailty doesn’t mean failure and handicaps don’t have to hinder. With the Lord in your life and His strength in your soul, like Newton, you can go on to victory.

Prayer: Help us today, Father, and every day to live under Thy counsel and control. Grant that today we may improve ourselves, help others, and please Thee: through Christ. Amen

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By Michael Guido, Founder
The Sower
Read John 3:7

Three monks, residing in a Trappist monastery, asked the Abbot for permission to speak.

“Very well,” he said. “The oldest will speak first, a year later the next, another year the youngest will speak.”

After breakfast, the oldest said, “I hate oatmeal.”

A year later the second said, “I love oatmeal.”

Another year passed, and the youngest said, “I’m tired of this bickering!”

There’s been a lot of bickering over how to make a new man. “Cultivate,” says one. “Educate,” says another. “Legislate,” says still another.

But the Bible says, “Regenerate!” Our Lord said, “Ye must be born again.”

Prayer: God of all grace, we come to Thee now for Thy saving and sustaining grace. Give us the sureness of salvation and success in becoming a soul winner. Inspire us to glow with Thy grace and go with Thy gospel: through Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.



By Michael Guido, Founder
The Sower
Read 1 John 2:1-6


One night a mother was shocked to hear her boy pray, “O God, make me good, but not real good; just good enough to keep from being spanked.”

There are some church members who want to become Christians, but not Christlike. They want to go to heaven, but they don’t want to do anything to bring others with them.

But if you’re going to become a Christian, be Christlike. If you’re going to give Christ anything, give Him everything. If you’re going to worship Him, work for Him.

If it’s false, Christianity is of no importance. If it’s true, it’s of infinite importance. It can’t be of moderate importance.

What is it for you?

Prayer: Dear Lord, I have so much to thank Thee for. I thank Thee for making me a Christian, now make me Christlike. I thank Thee for preparing for me a place in heaven. Help me bring others with me: through Christ. Amen.



By Michael Guido, Founder
The Sower
Read James 1:15


In Dallas, according to the Associated Press, a pet 8-foot-long python slithered into the crib of a sleeping baby, and crushed the girl to death.

Seven-month-old Toni Lynn never uttered a cry. Because, “as the victim tries to breathe, the snake squeezes tighter around the body.”

Alerted by his wife, Robert rushed into his daughter’s room, shot the snake, and then severed it with a kitchen knife.

What a picture of sin.

Don’t play with it, for it won’t play with you. It deceives, then defiles, and then deadens.

The Bible says, “Sin, when it is finished, brings forth death.”

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we now turn from our sins to Thee. Be pleased to strengthen us in every duty and to safeguard us in every danger. Keep us evermore in the peace and power of a holy and happy life, that we may love Thee with all our hearts. Amen.


How Can Fowler Help Your Church?

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The pastor or worship leader might be dreaming of the day their church can have a state-of-the-art multimedia system operating in their services.  There can be any number of reasons why that dream goes unfulfilled.  One is budget, another might be attitudes, yet another might be fear.  Let’s look at these three today. 

1. Budget.  We don’t have the money for this.  We can’t afford it.  Offerings are down.  We can all agree these are weighty reasons why you might delay.  We have found that churches can usually find the money for any project the congregation is sold on.  The first order of business is let the church know your dream.  In Jeremiah 23 the Scripture says, “The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream…”  Let’s take that thought and apply the words to this matter before us.  Tell your dream.  Make your dream come alive for your people.  If you will awaken them to your dreams they will help you pray and realize your goal.  God’s people have three kinds of money: Spending money; Giving money; and Keeping money.  Their spending money is for the everyday needs of the home and joy.  Their giving is usually reserved for the church, charity and other worthy causes.  Their keeping money is for a rainy day, or retirement, or for some special occasion or project.    If your dream is kept from your people you will have very little opportunity to know if one or more of your supporters would fund your project.  Tell them about it.  Let them see your heart.  Let them know what a new multimedia system can do for the church.   Don’t make the mistake of talking to the church before you have a detailed idea of what a good system will cost.  If you do you are likely to get more feedback than you want.  You are the one that will have to live with your multimedia system.  So determine exactly what you want to accomplish once your system is in place.  Get a vision for this in your mind and heart.  Now, what will that vision cost in real dollars.  Don’t squeeze your dream at this point–let it run.  Let Fowler work up two proposals for you.  One is exactly what you are dreaming about.  The other proposal might be a bare-bones system. 

2. Attitudes:  This one can be a real roadblock.  All churches have one or two or three people who seem to be the prophets of doom to most new ideas and projects.  These people talk.  They talk to you.  They talk to their pew neighbors.  They talk to their Sunday school classes.  They let people know their thoughts.  Don’t beat these folks up.  You know who they are.  Go to them one on one and sell them on your idea privately.  Get them on board early.  Encourage these “talkers” to help you sell this idea to the church.  When you do this–it becomes their idea.  They’ll own it.  They’ll be proud of it.  Probably no one has ever asked their opinion before (you really haven’t had to) .  Then watch them work for you.  People love to be let in on the ground floor of things.  Attitudes can be changed for the better–it takes prayer, care and a little one-on-one time.  

3. Fear.  Sometimes the man of God is fearful.  He might be asking himself, “Is this the right time”? “What will Bob think of this”? “Will this really be the best use of funds at this time?”  All kinds of questions might hinder your going forward.  This is not a new emotion or challenge for the pastor or leader.  Down through the long years men have wrestled with themselves.  I love the command in Scripture that says, “Let not your heart be troubled:”  A troubled heart can cause delay.  Go to the clearing house for all trouble–go to God.  Pray until you have a clear mind.  Pray until you have His peace.  Then proceed with all haste and diligence.  What God orders, He pays for. 

Don’t just use Fowler as a source for product knowledge.  When you have them on the phone ask your sales person to make your project a matter of serious prayer.  These people have regular times to pray.  Build a relationship with your sales person.  Let him or her feel your burden for the church.  Call them at 800-729-0163.  Their website: www.fowlerinc.com  Tell your dream first to Fowler team.  They will help you prepare for the day you share your dream with the congregation.