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THE BIG BOOK OF BIBLE DIFFICULTIES by Norman L. Geisler & Thomas Howe; Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI; 66 Sections, 615 Pages; $26.99, Paper

As we noted in our original review, “The authors, strong inerrantists, argue that the Bible has difficulties, but not errors.” This edition has two sections for each difficulty: the “Problem” and the “Solution.” Most apologetic books lists various ‘problems,’ then discuss them. This one follows a format that is chronological and its 66 sections deal with the 66 books.

Bible Difficulties
Bible Difficulties

We’ll say at the start of this review, Difficulties is an excellent book, well worth your investment if it is not already in your library. We note the latter because it was previously published as When Critics Ask back in 1992. At that time we reviewed it in our November 1, 1992 issue, giving it high marks. (Then it was hardbound for $22.99; now it is paperback for $4 more! Inflation is still with us – but this is still a bargain.)

Dr. Robert L. Sumner

Dr. Robert L. Sumner, Reviewer

In short, if you have a problem with why Matthew seems to indicate Jeremiah wrote Zechariah 11:12-13, instead of trying to figure out what kind of a heading in the book this problem would be listed under, you would just go to Zechariah 11:12-13 for the explanation. It is a big improvement over the usual apologetic style, in our judgment.

Bible Difficulties is good research material, very helpful; as the subtitle puts it, Clear and Concise Answers from Genesis to Revelation. And, as we said above, if you don’t already have it, get it!

This review provided by Dr. Robert L. Sumner.

Our God-Breathed Book: The Bible
The apparent conflict between Christ’s deity and humanity was fought out years ago, so that now Bible believers all accept the fact that Christ was perfectly human, yet without a trace of sin or a limitation of His deity. The similar paradox of the eternal perfection of the Word of God, “settled forever in heaven,” yet given in human words through human personalities, has not been so well explained and thought out.  We believe that here Dr. Rice has gone further in clearing up this matter than has before been done.  The teaching agrees closely with that of Gaussen, Warfield, Harris and Young.  Here you will find the truth, witnessed by devoted and learned Bible scholars Charles Feinberg, R. Laird Harris and S. Maxwell Coder, as well as other trusted fundamental scholars, that the Bible was settled in God’s mind in every detail before written down on earth and that God prepared the men who wrote–Isaiah is “a polished shaft,” for example (Isa. 49:2)–and that God even prepared and controlled the environment and character and feeling of the writers so that they wrote down God’s revelation in His inspired words.  Here the Bible’s clear claim to being God-breathed, perfect, eternal, is expounded; the greatest Bible expositors and authors on inspiration are quoted, questions are answered, fallacies explained, all with a holy devotion to Christ and to the Bible as the very Word of God.  There has been a great need for a scholarly, thoroughly trustworthy exposition of what the Bible claims for its own inerrant, authoritative inspiration recorded in God-breathed words.  Here, evangelical faith and scholarship combine with evangelistic warmth and crystal clear, flowing language.  This is the documented result of forty-eight years of Bible teaching, preaching and writing, followed by monumental labor to prepare this volume.  We believe the book will prove itself an indispensable classic setting the standard for Bible believers for years to come.
Can be ordered direct from Sword of the Lord Publishers, Murfreesboro, TN,  or from any Christian Book Store, or Amazon.Com  Retail price, $19.95