Jesse M Hendley
Jesse M Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley was educated at Georgia Tech, Columbia Seminary, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As one of America’s foremost evangelists, he has conducted numerous crusades throughout the United States and overseas. His 67 years of preaching include 14 years as pastor of the Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA, which grew from 85 to 2,300 members under his ministry. For more than 63 years, he was the director of the Radio Evangelistic Hour gospel broadcast.
Dr. Hendley speaking of the Apostle Paul’s faith gives 10 things that he had become persuaded of that were true and would never be changed.

1) Death
Paul says, “I am persuaded that death cannot separate a child of God from the love of God.” We think about death and what it means. Or do we? A lot of people don’t. Some people who do think about it shudder, try to get away from it, do not want to think about it. It is because they don’t know Christ and the victory God gives over death! But we must MEET death, sooner or later, every one of us. We must
meet death alone. No one can go through that valley with us except the Lord Himself. If He is not with you, you WILL be alone. But the child of God can say, “Since God and Christ love me, I am persuaded that even death cannot break his union. It is an eternal bond that cannot be broken.” Christ conquered death when He died. He removed the sting from death when He died. Christ will
be WITH us, for He says, “I will never leave thee or forsake thee.” NEVER leave, NEVER forsake. He will NEVER leave us, so even death cannot come between us. Child of God, don’t be afraid of death.It cannot separate you from the Lord. He will be WITH you in death.

2) Life
The Apostle says, “There is nothing in life that can separate me from God.” A lot of people today do not want to live. For them it would seem easier to die than to keep on living. Just this week I had a call from a lady who didn’t want to live any longer. Her husband left her for another, didn’t love her anymore. The light of her life went out. She tried to take her life. She said, “Life isn’t worth living.” (Well, it surely isn’t, without Jesus.) Her mistake was that she had made a god out of a man. Don’t make a god out of anybody, not even our dearest loved one. We are to love our loved ones, of course. I am not minimizing that love. We need the love of others, and God has provided them for us. But we are not to make them THE GOD of our lives. Don’t let them have the place of GOD. When your husband is your GOD and something happens to him, you don’t have any God to look after you anymore. But when you love your husband AS YOUR HUSBAND, and love God AS GOD, then if your husband goes you still have GOD.Sometimes life is very hard, but nothing in life can separate a child of God from the love of God.These are problems, trials, tensions. Recently one of my loved ones’ blood pressure shot way up high all of a sudden, 185-200. The doctor made a series of tests, and what was the cause? Tension.Just the tensions of living, the problems, loved ones ill, constant cares of all kinds. The other day a doctor said that the two greatest enemies of the human race are overweight and tension, just rushing all the time with concern, till the wheels begin to grind with difficulty. There is the care of making a living. A businessman out there has to be fighting the business world every day to make a living. How difficult it is.There is the sin problem. People carry a burden of sin and unless they find the precious answer of the Blood of Christ cleansing them from sin, they go on under the burden.Then there are problems of old age. Loved ones as they get older need to be taken care of. We go out in these nursing homes and find people there who are distressed. Many times they have fears.Living is difficult. It really is.So there are a lot of hard things in life until at times some people think it would be easier to go than to stay.We learn in the Bible of men (outstanding, godly men) who really wanted to die when the pressures of life got too heavy. But God took care of each one. Elijah was one who wanted to die, but God tookcare of him. Job wanted to die, but God took care of him and brought him through those deep waters. Nothing in LIFE can separate a child of God from the love of God!

3) Angels
Nothing in the angelic world can separate me from God. There are good angels and there are bad angels. Good angels do not want to separate us from God, but bad angels would like to. The devil and his demons would like to. But this statement says that you don’t have to be afraid of the devil or demons. We are to beware of the devil’s tricks. We are not to yield to his temptations. We are to look
out for his lies and trickery but we don’t have to be afraid. He can’t separate the child of God from God.

4) Principalities
The Greek word principalities means “rulers, authorities.” There are unseen rulers in the other world, the world just beyond our fingertips, the spirit world. Paul in Ephesians says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against PRINCIPALITIES and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places.” A lot of people are afraid of the spiritual world, afraid to consider it. But you don’t have to be afraid if you have God and Christ and Their almighty power and love.

5) Things Present
“Nor things present.” There is nothing presently with me, this present moment, that can separate me from God. What is your PRESENT difficulty, your present problem? What is presently “eating at you” now? Jesus is the Answer. God is the Answer. If you HAVE GOD AND CHRIST with you, looking after you, never to leave you, Their almighty love lavished on you, then there is NOTHING presently with
you that can hurt you or separate you from Their love.

6) Things to Come
Then he says, “Nor things to come.” Oh, my, I could stay all day with that. We could talk about the prophecies of the Word, about the world getting worse and worse, about the Tribulation Period, the Antichrist, the eruption of demons out of the pit, the waters turned to blood, the devil and Antichrist over all the earth, the return of Christ, the judgment of the nations, the end of the world, the destructions of the present heavens and earth, the judgment of the unsaved, hell, and many other
“things to come,” tremendous convulsions that will take place. God is not going to let this thing rock on forever as it is now. Believe me, I would tremble if I didn’t know that God and Christ were WITH ME and that They LOVE me and that nothing can separate me from Their love. With Christ I can face anything to come!

7) Powers
“Powers” is the Greek word dunameis, and it seems to refer to supernatural powerful beings of the other world. We hear more and more today about witchery, sorcery, fortune-telling, spiritism,occultism, that sort of thing. When Halloween comes people jokingly talk about witches, but there are real witches today, literally and truly. There are “mediums” and others. The Bible forbids us dabbling
in that sort of thing. But we don’t have to be afraid of these spiritual powers for they cannot separate us from the Lord. We have a God Who doeth according to His will among the inhabitants of the earth and none can say unto Him, “What doest Thou?” We don’t have to be afraid of any spiritual power.

8) Height
“Nor height.” There is nothing in the heights. Now Paul might have been referring to outer space.There are three heavens: the air around us (the heaven of the birds), the heaven of the stars, then the Third Heaven where God lives. The space in our universe seems to be infinite in vastness. But we don’t have to worry about “heights”. Jesus Christ passed through all the heavens into the very Presence of God. At the Rapture, we’ll be caught up into the air to be with the Lord and God will take care of us. It could be that the Apostle was speaking of spiritual heights.

9) Depth
He speaks of “depth.” The Bible speaks of the abyss, hell, the lake of fire, hades, the bottomless pit.These words need not scare one who is joined forever to the Living God.

10) Any Other Created Thing
Then he sums it all up in one tremendous statement, and if you ever get hold of it, child of God, you will never worry about anything anymore. “Nor any other created thing.” Nothing CREATED can ever separate me from God. Well, naturally, if Creator Him-self (Christ) is with me, then nothing that He has created (inferior to Him-self) can hurt me. This should alleviate all fear from our hearts forever.

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An ordained Baptist minister. Worked for 10 years with a Christian publishing ministry where I was the circulation manager for a growing publication, The Sword of the Lord. I also did most of direct mail fundraising and promotion. I have pastored churches in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama & Arkansas. I served for some four years as Vice President of The Spoken Word of God ministry, Orlando, FL. This ministry was active in church planting in India and broadcasting the Scriptures via Trans World Radio and other radio outlets. My associate in this ministry later invited me to join him and his dad in starting a business working with churches providing multimedia equipment. I have done this work for the last 16 years. This blog, hopefully, will scratch an itch I have for communicating the Word of God to a broader audience via the Internet. I would be honored to hear from you via email.

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