What is the Apostle’s Doctrine?

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Dr. Gene Pritchard
Dr. Gene Pritchard

“WHAT IS THE APOSTLE’S DOCTRINE?” (Acts 2:41-42) Introduction: Believers are commanded to “continue in the {Apostle’s} doctrine” (Acts 2:42)! We are told to “earnestly {contend for the faith…}” (Jude 3)! Acts 5:28 says “the Apostles filled Jerusalem with their {doctrine}! I. IT IS TOTALLY BASED UPON THE {SCRIPTURES}. *II Timothy 3:16 *Matthew 16:12 *I Timothy 1:10 *I Timothy 4:1 *Colossians 2:22 *I John 4:1 *Ephesians 4:14 *Acts 17:11 *Isaiah 28:9 *Matthew 4:4 *Revelation 22:19 Note: All of the Apostles were chosen by {Jesus} (Luke 6:13)! II. IT IS ALL FOCUSED UPON THE {SAVIOR}. *I Corinthians 15:1-4 *Hebrews 13:8-9 *Acts 4:12 *Acts 16:30-31 1. Jesus was born of a {virgin}. (Isaiah 7:14) 2. Jesus lived without {sin}. (Hebrews 4:15) 3. Jesus worked many supernatural {miracles}. (Acts 2:22-24 / John 20:30-31) 4. Jesus died vicariously on the {cross}. (II Corinthians 5:21 / Isaiah 53:5-6) 5. Jesus was {resurrected} and is {exalted}. (Acts 2:31-36 / Philippians 2:7-10) III. IT IS ALL CONTROLLED BY THE HOLY {SPIRIT}. *Acts 1:1-8 *Acts 2:14-18 *Acts 2:37-38 *Acts 4:31-33 *Acts 8:29-30 *Acts 13:2-4 *II Peter 1:20-21 *John 12:32 *Revelation 22:17 . Note: The Spirit of God will never lead a person against the {Word} of God. Conclusion: We are warned of {apostasy} (II Timothy 4:3).

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  1. This is an important message that every Christian (Note: Every Christian) should listen and study. You may never have heard a message that is more important than this one.

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