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Billy Kelly

Billy Kelly – 1932-1997

Billy Kelly was saved May 16th, 1950 at the University of Tennessee. A well-attended area wide revival meeting was taking place. A few days after his conversion he announced the call of the Lord for him to preach. A church in Knoxville licensed him 10 days after he was saved to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Mr. Kelly attended Carson-Newman College in East Tennessee. Early in his ministry he pastored churches in NC and TN. Then, he entered the field of Evangelism. The Lord used him to preach in churches, auditoriums, and tents for many years. Also, he was known for his ability as a Gospel singer. Therefore, he preached and sang at many of the camp meetings. Due to that fact he become known as “Mr. Camp meeting”. Mr. Kelly received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity from Tabernacle Baptist College, Greeneville, SC in 1987. Also, an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL in 1992. Billy Kelly entered Heaven”s shore on April 1st, 1997.

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An ordained Baptist minister. Worked for 10 years with a Christian publishing ministry where I was the circulation manager for a growing publication, The Sword of the Lord. I also did most of direct mail fundraising and promotion. I have pastored churches in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama & Arkansas. I served for some four years as Vice President of The Spoken Word of God ministry, Orlando, FL. This ministry was active in church planting in India and broadcasting the Scriptures via Trans World Radio and other radio outlets. My associate in this ministry later invited me to join him and his dad in starting a business working with churches providing multimedia equipment. I have done this work for the last 16 years. This blog, hopefully, will scratch an itch I have for communicating the Word of God to a broader audience via the Internet. I would be honored to hear from you via email.

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  1. I loved Bro Billy Kelly I first heard him preach and sing was at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Virgina Beach, Virgina when Pastor Rod Bell was still the Pastor well done Brother Billy. Alway will love you see you in heaven some sweet day. Bye for now love Tom Rager.

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