C. Sumner Wemp, Soul Winner

C  Sumner Wemp
C Sumner Wemp

your_ticket_to_heaven._linkSumner Wemp, at the age of 17, having never held a Bible nor heard “Jesus loves me, this I know…” was invited to church by Gene Gaskins. He went, heard the gospel for the first time, and after three weeks, accepted Christ. And he never got over it.
After college and seminary, he enjoyed 13 wonderful and fruitful years of pastoring. In 1952 he wrote the first of 25 gospel tracts and founded New Life Tract Society. Millions of his tracts have been printed and given away. All the profits he received from his books and tapes went to missions.

He served 8 wonderful years at Moody Bible Institute as Chairman of Evangelism, Pastor of Theology and Director of Practical Christian Work. Then he became president of Southeastern Bible College. After that he served with Dr. Jerry Falwell as Vice President of Spiritual Affairs at Liberty University for 17 years.

Enter the FREE Drawing!Dr. Wemp held a B.A. degree from Samford University, a Th.M from Dallas Theological Seminary, a D.Min from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a D.D. from California Graduate School Of Theology.

His writings included Teaching from the Tabernacle, a 128 page book of 8 printings; a 203 page book, How on Earth Can I Be Spiritual which is in its 15th printing and has been translated into Spanish and Telegu in India. He also wrote The Guide to Practical Pastoring, a 278-page hardback which has been published in the Romanian language, and a 60 page booklet, Fishing for Men, with over 250,000 copies in circulation. Dr. C. Sumner WempApproximately 200 of his articles were published in religious periodicals. He also wrote for a soul-winning column for “The Biblical Evangelist.”

For the last 15 years of his life, he mentored 300 pastors, missionaries, and evangelists while in “retirement” and still preached, into his mid 80s, almost every other weekend all over the country. He also enjoyed challenging people with Jabez’s prayer.

He went home to be with his Lord on Christmas Day, 2012. In his absense, please continue to enjoy his encouragement, marriage, prayer, witnessing, ladies articles and more! Enjoy your stay, and thank you for visiting.

The following link will take you to webpage where you can learn from this great soul winner just how he won souls and he will teach you the same. He was one of the best users of Gospel Tracts. You will learn to love this dear man’s teaching because he is teaching you about one of God’s greatest missions–soul winning.



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