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John Kanzius’ Cancer Killing Machine has worked on all cancer tumors tested. All of us have loved ones or friends who have cancer and millions have died from this dreaded killer. Now there is fresh hope, positive hope from The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Pray for them and support their work.

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It Works!

ANOTHER published manuscript validates Kanzius machine’s killing of human pancreatic cancer  


Erie, PA – January 11, 2010.  Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation (“KCRF”) announces research conducted in the Kanzius/Curley Lab at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center has been published in the December 2010 issue of the American Association of Cancer Research’s Clinical Cancer Research journal.  The manuscript illustrates how Drs. Steven A. Curley and Evan S. Glazer’s studies prove that radiofrequency fields can treat pancreatic tumors, which today, kill more than 95% of diagnosed patients. Studies found that noninvasive radiofrequency (RF) fields were effective in controlling relatively large pancreatic cancer cells.  Additionally, this process took place without any injury to surrounding tissue or changes in subject behavior.  

The manuscript describes the process as subjects are exposed to 10 minutes of nonionizing radiofrequency (RF) radiation followed by 36 hours of treatment using targeted gold nanoparticles (AuNP). This revolutionary design shows that the Kanzius RF machine alongside these particular nanoparticles create an effective formula for controlling pancreatic cancer cells.  

“John Kanzius, who created the RF device, once envisioned a cancer treatment that would be both effective and have zero side effects,” remarked Curley, Chief of Gastrointestinal Tumor Surgery and Program Director of Multidisciplinary Gastrointestinal Cancer Care at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. “These experiments demonstrate that the Kanzius RF device controls pancreatic cancer cells without any damage to nearby cells, or normal tissues and organs. We still have a lot of work to do but this is an important proof of principle.”  

“Every day, our team at the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation works to help fund this incredible research” said Mark Neidig, Executive Director of KCRF. “These recent findings bring us one step closer to our goal of producing an effective, noninvasive cancer treatment that doesn’t have the side effects associated with current treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.”  

This manuscript “Noninvasive Radiofrequency Field Destruction of Pancreatic Andenocarcinoma Xenografts Treated with Targeted Gold Nanoparticles” can be found in the December 2010 issue of the American Association of Cancer Research.  

The following Link will take you to the official website where updates are always published.  Pray for the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and the full team.  

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John Kanzius when asked, “What made you think you could cure cancer?”  He replied, “What made me think I couldn’t cure cancer?”  From boyhood builder of ham radios to adult owner of TV station, Kanzius has been a “can-do” person.  It took his own suffering and the observation of children suffering from the terrible effects of treating cancer that awakened the drive inside him to personally do something about this dreaded disease.  He did it.  Read and watch the Kanzius story as reported here by CBS news. 

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