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Dr. Munsey

The Resurrection of the Human Body

By Rev. William Elbert Munsey 

A Message Preached by a Powerful Methodist Pastor.  His sermons, unlike anything that had been known in the eastern portion of the Methodist  work, attracted immense congregations, and the church was crowded to overflowing, whenever it was known that he was to preach.  People arrived  hours before he preached and then hung onto every word and thought this man presented.  He captivated his audience with his wonderful word pictures of the Gospel.  (July 13, 1833 — October 23, 1877) 

THE RESURRECTION OF THE HUMAN BODY: How are the dead raised up? And with what body do they come?  Text: I Corinthians 15:35 

WE are all standing upon the threshold of an awful future, replete with facts and instinct with entities, about which we know but little. Let but the heart cease its beating, or one vital function of this body cease its office, and we are gone-gone! to grapple with the stern truths of ages, at once interminable, inconceivable, unknown. 

” To be or not to be,” after death, is answered, and nearly all men, though with different degrees of faith, are looking confidently to an existence beyond the grave. 

The idea of immortality has descended down the stream of human generations from the first pair in Paradise, running down every branch from the central tide, disappearing in one, corrupted in another, and becoming more lucid and sat­isfactory in another, to the present age. It is seen in the language, literature, and manners of every age; in the his­tory, philosophy, and poetry of every people. It is seen in the retributive horrors of Tartarus, the rich fields and streams of Elysium, the Hesperian seas and islets of the Red man, the heaven and hell of the Christians. 

Please click the link below to find the complete message by Dr. Munsey, The Resurrection of the Human Body.  Do invest your time and soak up this wonderful message delivered over 100 years ago by this outstanding Methodist pastor and orator. 


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