Is Your Path Bumpy?

I was reading Julie Ackerman Link’s post in Our Daily Bread published by RBC.ORG.  She titled the devotion, “Road Construction.”  I really thought she hit the mark with her thoughts and Scriptures.  I am posting it here with the prayer that you will not only read her thoughts today, but you might subscribe to Our Daily Bread over at


By Julie Ackerman Link  (Read: Jeremiah 31:31-34)

road repairs 


Here in Michigan we joke that we have two seasons: winter and road construction.  Harsh winters damage road surfaces, so repair crews begin their work as soon as   the ice melts and the ground thaws.  Although we call this work “construction,” much of what they do looks like “destruction.”  In some cases, simply patching holes is not an option.  Workers have to replace the old road with a new one.

  That’s what it can feel like when God is at work in our lives.  Throughout the Old Testament, God told His people to expect some major renovation on the road between Him and them (Isaiah 62:10-11; Jeremiah 31:31).  When God sent Jess, it seemed to the Jews as if their way to God was being destroyed.  But Jesus wasn’t destroying anything.  He was completing it (Matthew 5:17).  The old way paved with laws became new way paved with the sacrificial love of Jesus.

  God is still at work replacing old ways of sin and legalism with the way of love that Jesus completed.  When He removes our old ways of thinking and behaving, it may feel as if everything familiar is being destroyed.  But God is not destroying anything; He is building a better way.  And we can be confident that the end result will be smoother relationships with others and a closer relationship with Him. 

Free from the law–O happy condition!

Jesus  has bled, and there is remission;
 Cursed by the law and bruised by the fall,
 Grace has redeemed us once for all. — Bliss

Keep this in mind:  Upheaval often precedes spiritual progress.


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