It is Time to be Strong

By Charles H. Spurgeon

Joshua 1:7

“Only be thou strong and very courageous.”


Charles H Spurgeon
Charles H Spurgeon

Our God’s tender love for His servants makes Him concerned for the state of their inward feelings. He desires them to be of good courage.

Some esteem it a small thing for a believer to be vexed with doubts and fears, but God does not at all wish that for you.  From this text it is plain that our Master would not have us entangled with fears.

He would have us:  

Without carefulness… He does not want you troubled, or attended with anxiety. Overly full of care & concern.

Without doubt… a feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality, or nature of something. Believe firmly in God’s Word & in Him

Without cowardice… lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc. In other words, don’t be timid and weak in your Christian faith. Stand up for Jesus.

Our Master does not think lightly of our unbelief as we do. When we are desponding (to be depressed by loss of hope, confidence, or courage)  we are subject to a grievous malady, not to be trifled with, but to be carried at once to the beloved Physician. Our Lord loveth not to see our countenance sad.

Remember the law of Ahasuerus… that no one should come into the king’s court dressed in mourning: this is not the law of the King of kings, This is not the law of our blessed Redeemer… for we may come mourning as we are; but still He would have us put off the spirit of heaviness, and put on the garment of praise, for there is much reason to rejoice.

The Christian man ought to be of a courageous spirit, in order that he may glorify the Lord by enduring trials in a heroic manner. If he be fearful and fainthearted, it will dishonour his God. Besides, what a bad example it is. This disease of doubtfulness and discouragement is an epidemic which soon spreads amongst the Lord’s flock.

One downcast believer makes twenty souls sad. Moreover, unless your courage is kept up Satan will be too much for you. Let your spirit be joyful in God your Saviour, the joy of the Lord shall be your strength, and no fiend of hell shall make headway against you: but cowardice throws down the banner.

Moreover, labour is light to a man of cheerful spirit; and success waits upon cheerfulness. The man who toils, rejoicing in his God, believing with all his heart, has success guaranteed. He who sows in hope shall reap in joy; therefore, dear reader, “be thou strong, and very courageous.”

By Charles H. Spurgeon / Edited by Ron English Note: The editor has been most careful to not change Mr. Spurgeon’s meaning. His edits are faithful to the text.


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