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john kanziusFebruary 18 marks an important day for Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation, its donors and followers.  We remember John Kanzius, a common yet extraordinary man, who lost his battle with cancer on this day in 2009. John was a husband, father, friend, and radio broadcast engineer. Throughout his life, John never put limits on what he could accomplish or the problems he could solve in both his personal life and his career.


John’s educational background included study of electronics and electrical engineering at the Allegheny Technical Institute and the University of Pittsburgh; he did not complete a degreed program.  He spent his entire career in an area that fascinated him – the broadcasting industry.  Beginning with work in the high-power AM/FM/television engineering department of Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in Meadowlands, Pa., he gained notoriety in the engineering community by solving, with a fifty-cent part, an engineering phenomenon regarding high powered color television transmission distortion.

After leaving RCA, John embarked upon a venture in the management and ownership of broadcast properties.  These included WJET-TV, JET-102 FM, and WFGO-FM, all in Erie, Pennsylvania; WHOT-AM/FM in Youngstown, Ohio; WWOW-AM in Conneaut, Ohio; and KRRT-TV in San Antonio, Texas. For several years, WJET-TV was recognized by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) for having the highest local ratings of any affiliate in the United States. Throughout three decades of station ownership and management, he made continuous improvements, always keeping the stations on the cutting edge of broadcast engineering. In 2000, John and his partner finalized the sale of their remaining businesses and then…retired!

Unfortunately, in 2002, a lifestyle of family, leisure, and golf immediately changed when John added “cancer patient” to his list of attributes; he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia.  It was while receiving treatments that John noticed small children undergoing the same invasive and debilitating therapies that he was.  His heart grew heavy with sadness. Being the problem solver that he was, he thought to himself, “there has to be a better way!” And that thought was the humble beginning for the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment theory – a noninvasive, alternative cancer treatment that would not have harsh side effects; a drastic contrast to the current traditional cancer therapies that he was undergoing.

John knew the power of radiowaves. The same waves that carry music to our car stereos, and he knew these waves could heat metal at certain frequencies. Using a hot dog and pie pans from his wife’s kitchen, he created a research lab in his garage.  By inserting a metal probe into a hot dog and then by placing it in a radio field, John found the immediate area around the metal cooked while the rest of the specimen remained cold and unaffected.

Encouraged and full of hope, John began sharing his idea with doctors, manufacturers and the media. This simple device evolved into much more sophisticated machinery designed to prove his theory to the most demanding medical journals and professionals in the world.

Sadly, John died from complications of his own battle with cancer. However, Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation continues the research of John’s astonishing theory today in the state-of-the-art laboratories led by Dr. Steven Curley at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Dr. David Geller at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Dr. Dustin Kruse at University of California in Davis. Since John’s passing, the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment has been proven to destroy 100 percent of cancer cells with no damage to the surrounding healthy tissue in small laboratory animals. That is why many call his theory “the world’s most promising cancer treatment!”

Each and every day of the long, tedious journey, John’s legacy comes closer to a reality. His dream of “a better way” to treat cancer continues to inspire our committed researchers, chemists and doctors to aggressively prove that this same theory is safe and effective in large laboratory animals with the ultimate goal of reaching human trials.

Thank you, John! We believe “a better way” is possible. Together, we will change the world for all kids, young and old!

Here is a link to an article published earlier and a video.  John Kanzius’ Cancer killing machine works:

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