Joseph: A Portrait of Jesus in the Old Testament

Joseph in the Old Testament is an illustration, an example, a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ, not by accident, but by Divine

Adrian Rogers
Adrian Rogers

Providence. Joseph as the beloved son of his father (Genesis 37:1-3) He has his father’s devotion Joseph is specially loved Genesis 37:3 Matthew 3:17 – Jesus is God’s beloved…

Link to Adrian Rogers’s Sermon as given in that great church in Memphis, Tennessee.  Dr. Rogers was one of the great pastor/teacher in his generation.  Click this link and watch and let this message speak to you. 

Joseph, A Portrait Of Jesus

Joseph in the Old Testament is an illustration, an example, a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ, not by accident, but by Divine Providence.

  1. Joseph as the beloved son of his father (Genesis 37:1-3)
    1. He has his father’s devotion
      1. Joseph is specially loved
        1. Genesis 37:3
        2. Matthew 3:17 – Jesus is God’s beloved Son
        3. Matthew 17:5 – Jesus is God’s beloved Son
      2. Joseph has a special name
        1. Joseph – abundance, one who adds to, a multiplier
        2. Jesus – Jehovah saves (John 10:10)
    2. He has a faultless distinction
      1. He is distinct from his brothers
        1. Genesis 37:2
      2. There is not one sin mentioned in the Bible about Joseph
        1. Hebrews 7:26
      3. He is a truth-teller
        1. John 7:7
      4. He has a special coat – a mark of distinction
        1. Genesis 37:3
        2. John 1:14
        3. Psalm 45:7
    3. He has a future dominion
      1. Joseph’s dream caused his brothers to hate him
        1. Genesis 37:5-9
      2. Jesus was hated
        1. Matthew 26:64
  2. Joseph as the suffering servant (Genesis 37:4-24)
    1. He is the sent one
      1. Sent to his brothers by Jacob
        1. Genesis 37:12-13
      2. God sent Jesus to us
        1. 1 John 4:10
    2. He is the scorned one
      1. Joseph was scorned by his brothers
        1. Genesis 37:4
        2. Genesis 37:8
      2. Jesus was scorned by his fellow man
        1. John 15:24
        2. Luke 19:14
    3. He is the suffering one
      1. Joseph suffered at the hands of his brothers
        1. Conspiracy against Joseph (Genesis 37:18)
        2. Conspiracy against Jesus (Matthew 26:3-4)
        3. Abuse against Joseph (Genesis 37:23-24)
        4. Abuse against Jesus (Matthew 27:26-29)
        5. Betrayal against Joseph by Judah (Genesis 37:28)
        6. Betrayal against Jesus by Judas (Matthew 26:14-15)
    4. He is the slain one
      1. Joseph is figuratively slain by his brothers
        1. Genesis 37:31-34
        2. Genesis 42:21-22
      2. Jesus’ enemies also thought he was dead
  3. Joseph as the exalted sovereign (Genesis 41:38-57)
    1. Joseph, despised and rejected is brought up, out, and enthroned
      1. Every knee in Egypt had to bow the knee to Joseph
        1. Genesis 41:38-44
      2. Every knee worldwide will bow one day to Jesus
        1. 1 Peter 3:22
        2. Philippians 2:9-11
      3. Joseph is given a new name
        1. Zaphenath-Paneah which means “Savior of the World”
        2. Genesis 41:45
      4. Jesus is given a new name
        1. Revelation 19:12
      5. Joseph is given a Gentile bride
        1. Genesis 41:45
      6. Jesus is given a Gentile bride
        1. The church
        2. Ephesians 5:25-33
      7. Joseph is the only hope for a dying world
        1. Genesis 41:55-57
        2. Genesis 41:49
      8. Jesus is the only hope for a dying world
        1. Acts 4:12
        2. Romans 10:12
  4. Joseph as the seeking savior (Genesis 41:1-5)
    1. Joseph reveals himself to his brothers
      1. Genesis 45:1-3
    2. Jesus reveals Himself
      1. John 8:21-30
    3. Joseph forgives and restores his brothers
      1. Genesis 45:4-5
      2. Genesis 50:20
    4. Jesus forgives and restores
      1. John 21:15-17
    5. Joseph invites his brothers to come to him
      1. Genesis 45:4
    6. Jesus invites us to come to Him
      1. John 1:35-51
    7. Joseph commissions his brothers to go
      1. Genesis 45:4,9
      2. Genesis 45:26-27
    8. Jesus commissions us to go, to tell others
      1. Matthew 28:18-20
  5. Conclusion
    1. The same Jesus who came to this world in the form of a baby, in literal fulfillment of Scripture, is coming again. Are you ready?
    2. Accept Jesus today. Call upon Jesus today. Repent, turn from your sins and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as the Lord of your life.
      1. Romans 10:9-10
      2. Romans 10:13

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