Just How Much is One Soul Worth?

Billy Graham preaching with hand outOtis Hill and a Team of Loving Mission Workers from First Baptist Church of Pooler, GA near Savannah were burdened for the little nation of Honduras.  They went, they worked and they witnessed.  On this trip they witnessed to this dear lady, but were unable to win her.  Not giving up they urged her to attend the mission meeting that night.  To their great delight she attended.  This time after the service she responded to the invitation and trusted Christ.  She was so happy and blessed.  When we returned the next year we were anxious to find her and see how she was doing in her new walk.  We learned that sweet, lady had died.  Brother Otis Hill said to me, with tears, what if we had not gone?…what if our supporters had not given?…what if we had not witnessed?   “Oh,” he said, “Missions are so important.”  Yes, Brother Hill…you are right.  Here is a picture of that sweet lady.

New Convert now in Heaven



New Convert in Honduras and now in Heaven.  Thanks, in part, for the Otis Hill and FBC of Pooler and Team for being obedient to God’s call.  Just how much is one soul worth.  Click on the following link and watch the video message of Billy Graham.  It is a powerful message that seems God inspired to accompany this story.  http://salvationlinks.com/bible-messages/ 

Visit my friend’s website…Brother Otis Hill at www.biblepathwaytovictory.com otis hill pix

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