Kanzius Work Receives Grant

Since first seeing a report on 60-Minutes a year or so ago, I have followed the progress of John Kanzius’ Cancer Killing Machine.  Only a few weeks ago, an update to the original story appeared on that same program.  This new report, unfortunately reported on the death of John Kanzius.  Cancer took him out before he could benefit from his invention.   I believe in this work and believe it holds one of the keys to curing cancer.  We must keep this matter before the Lord in prayer.  Great news to report today.  Read the bulletin below and rejoice.  (NOTE: Click on the Link at the end of the report for even more detail.)  Share this info with your friends.  –Editor

John Kanzius
John Kanzius

Erie, Pennsylvania – The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation announced today that Steven Curley M.D., primary investigator of the Kanzius Non-invasive Radio Wave Cancer Treatment at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has been awarded a $2.1 million grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). This grant, to be paid over the next five years, will be used for continuing research on the Kanzius Treatment which seeks to kill human cancer cells treated with gold nanoparticles without damaging healthy cells.

“This is incredibly exciting and encouraging news for the Kanzius Foundation,” said Mark A. Neidig Sr., Executive Director of the Erie, Pennsylvania based Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation. “An NCI grant positions our research work with a stronger base; one which makes a very loud statement regarding the credibility and validity of both our preliminary findings and future studies.”

The work of the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation is far from complete. The added funding to Dr. Curley’s research is but one aspect of funding needed to advance the multiple research venues utilizing the Kanzius technology and to secure FDA approval.

“The NCI grant was sorely needed and advances our work with vigor,” said Neidig. “However, the total pre-human clinical trial cost is upwards to $12 million so our work continues.”

To read more about the NCI grant, please visit our website at http://www.kanziuscancerresearch.org/ now.

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