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Library of Classic Sermons from Great Preachers of the Past

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Not many people today make it a practice to read a printed sermon.  Most, that is most of those who lean towards a professing faith in Jesus Christ, prefer to watch a sermon being preached on television or listen on radio, or attending their local house of worship or church.  Sadly, too many Christians avoid reading a sermon in print.  I say sadly, because reading a sermon provides so much of the original value of the message.  True, you miss the personality of the preacher and the spontaneous response to any humor me might use.  You miss the atmosphere of the meeting, you miss the singing and prayer leading up to the message.  But laying all that aside reading the man of God’s message has a power and a personality all of its own.   Much spiritual blessing and renewal comes from this Library of Classical Sermons of the past.  Treat yourself to them like you would treat yourself to a wonderful meal at your favorite restaurant.  When you read you can pause…back up and read again a paragraph over making sure you have the full meaning of the preacher and Word of God.  Reading sermons is a rich storehouse of God’s best manna preserved for those who wish to draw near to Him. 

Having said all that, I provide you with a link to a collection of the greatest sermons you might ever read.  The founder of this website, Robert L. Cobb,  invites all to copy any sermon or all the sermons since none are protected or restricted by any copyright.   If you read the short biography of each preacher you will be greatly blessed.  Below is the link to this outstanding website.  Enjoy.

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