My Father is Rich

                                                   MY FATHER IS RICH
                                                 Read Romans 11:33-36

One night, before my conversion, I heard a man sing the hymn, “My Father Is Rich.”

I sighed, “If only He were my Father.” And today He is!

He’s rich in head. Paul exclaimed, “How great are His wisdom and knowledge.” He knows everything, and can solve every problem.

He’s rich in heart. Because of the “riches of His kindness,” I am now His child.

He’s rich in hand. The Bible says, “How great are His riches!” And He can fill to the full all of our needs.

What His mind plans for us, what His heart proposes for us, His rich hand can provide for us.

Aren’t you glad?

Prayer: We thank Thee, Father, that Thou hast never fooled us or failed us. We are so glad that Thou will never forsake us or forget us. Great is Thy faithfulness to us: through Christ our Lord. Amen.

By Michael Guido

2 thoughts on “My Father is Rich”

  1. Greetings, Michael!
    Thank you for visiting our blog and for expressing your comment on the message you read. You are correct when you muse about my “joy.” Salvation is a wonderful gift from God and I hope never to take it lightly. I urge all of my readers who might be seekers to accept this free gift from God and then share the good news with their friends and loved ones.

  2. Aren’t you full of joy now that you have (ac)cepted Jesus as your Lord and savior? I really like the phrase, “God cannot be given a problem He cannot solve.”

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