Step on the Scale–Alone

Dr. Michael Guido, The Sower
Michael Guido, The Sower


Read 1 Samuel 2:1-11

Jackie Gleason got on a scale that prints your weight on a card. When the card appeared it said, “Come back – alone.”


The Lord has a scale. Concerning it a mother said a long time ago, “For the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by Him actions are weighed.”


Our scales weigh the material, His the spiritual. Ours weigh the matter, His the motive; ours the fruit, His the faith; ours the body, His the soul.


We’re sensitive when others talk about our weight, or the lack of it. But are we just as sensitive when others talk about our faith as well as our flesh?


I wonder if the Lord will say, “Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.”


Prayer: Father, expand our minds and hearts with the deepest love for others. Make us caring and sharing Christians who serve nothing but Thy will and seek nothing but Thy glory: through Christ. Amen.




Dr. Michael Guido, The Sower
Read Romans 8:28

Botanists have reported that trees need the winds of March to flex their branches and trunks. The sap is drawn up because of the bluster of the wind, and the budding leaves receive the nourishment that they need.

You and I are like the trees. We need the storms to strengthen us.

A blustery period in our lives is often a prelude to a spring of fruit bearing.

Think of Joseph. Had he not been a prisoner, he wouldn’t have become a prime minister.

Are you going through a storm in your life right now? Trust God. He’ll enable you to turn your trials into triumphs, and the bluster of your life into blessings.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, come into my heart and take over in my life. Anything Thou dost say, I will do. I will follow Thy orders any time, any where and at any cost: in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

February 27, 2009





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An ordained Baptist minister. Worked for 10 years with a Christian publishing ministry where I was the circulation manager for a growing publication, The Sword of the Lord. I also did most of direct mail fundraising and promotion. I have pastored churches in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama & Arkansas. I served for some four years as Vice President of The Spoken Word of God ministry, Orlando, FL. This ministry was active in church planting in India and broadcasting the Scriptures via Trans World Radio and other radio outlets. My associate in this ministry later invited me to join him and his dad in starting a business working with churches providing multimedia equipment. I have done this work for the last 16 years. This blog, hopefully, will scratch an itch I have for communicating the Word of God to a broader audience via the Internet. I would be honored to hear from you via email.

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  1. Our beloved friend, Dr. Guido, will be buried today. Goodby old friend, and dear,devoted servant of God. It is not likely we shall see another like you in our lifetime. You have earned your rest and now your works shall folow you. The Book says, “It is required that a steward be found faithful.” You have, without a doubt, been so found. Today we salute your memory. Blessings to your brother, Larry. I understand he will stand in for you.

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