Guaranteed Victory!

Oliver Boyce Greene (February 14, 1915 – July 26, 1976) was an Independent Fundamental Baptist evangelist and

Oliver B Greene

author. He converted in 1935 at the age of 20. Over 300,000 confessions of faith were recorded as a result of his ministry in Gospel tent meetings.[1] Although uneducated with little training, he conducted revival meetings in tents and in churches across the eastern US for 35 years, and wrote over 100 books and brief booklets about the Bible. One of Oliver B. Greene’s most distinguishing characteristics was his deep, raspy voice, which drew radio listeners into his message.  He had a deep passion for the Scriptures and knew that men needed salvation in Christ.  He preached each message as though it would be his last.  He received written salvation decisions from thousands who read one of his little Gospel booklets.  He was one of the most effective radio preachers of all times.

In 1956, he founded The Gospel Hour, Inc. as a Christian outreach ministry. It included a radio program of his preaching called The Gospel Hour, which began on one station in Georgia and gradually became syndicated until the point it spanned the nation. The Gospel Hour was heard on 150 stations at the time of his death. The cause of death was a cardiac aneurysm. The broadcast is currently on over 80 stations, including international stations and the Internet. Taped copies of the program are still aired today on the Fundamental Broadcasting Network and other Christian radio stations.

Greene had a wife and two sons.

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Click the link below for the audio sermon by Oliver B. Greene preached at Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA where Jerry Falwell was the pastor. Title: Guaranteed Victory

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