The Axehead

 Brother Roloff Preaches 

          The Axehead                                       

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His Scripture Text: 2 Kings 6:1-7

I am pleased to publish the link for this sermon for my good friend, my former pastor, Brother Joe Ford of Macon, Georgia.  He loved Brother Roloff.  Brother Ford is one of God’s good and faithful stewards of the Word of God.      Brother Lester Roloff was one of the most colorful preachers I remember.  I heard him preach many times and loved every presentation he made of the Gospel.  Each time I heard him preach in person, I must have heard him on the radio ten times more;  perhaps more.  I loved his preaching, his humor, his colorful stories.  He was a delight.  I have heard more than a few preachers tell about receiving a phone call late at night from Brother Roloff.  He would call the preacher by name, “Brother…. this is Brother Roloff.  I will be at your church Sunday night to preach.  Get the word out.”  He didn’t ask are you open this Sunday night?  He just announced he was coming.  He would then mention it on his radio program and the church would be filled.  People were always thrilled he was going to come to their area.   From all parts of America pastors sent their troubled youth to Brother Roloff.  His radio program reached thousands of people who listened to him every day.  These people prayed for him and for those young people.   His home for unwed mothers touched the hearts of so many Christians.   We are pleased to present a link to one of his classic sermons preached, I believe at Bob Jones University.  I think you will agree he was like very few men who preached.  After you listen to him, I hope you will write  a note and let me know your reaction.   The sermon you will be listening to is posted at  There are a good many other sermons by Brother Roloff on this site.  Enjoy.

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