The Bad News that make the Good News, Good


Adrian Rogers / Now in Heaven
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The Lost World

The Bad News that make the Good News, Good

Romans 1:18-32

    1. We live in a lost world.
    2. Our world is on a collision course with judgment.
      1. Even the things we laugh at, such as in entertainment, are despicable.
      2. Yet, we are told to be tolerant.
      3. The sin today, as viewed by many, is not sin itself, but to simply call sin a sin.
        1. Today’s culture views men as sick, but not sinful.
        2. Today’s culture says that we may be weak, but not wicked.
        3. Today’s culture says that we may be ill, but not evil.
    3. We find many giving excuses for the way we live.
    4. Romans 1 shows that this lost world is without excuse. Sin is inexcusable and is headed for judgment, and that judgment is called the wrath of God.
    5. It is that bad news that makes the Good News good.
    6. Romans 1:18
      1. God is a God of infinite love.
      2. He is also a righteous, holy God and a God of judgment.
    7. Paul shows in Romans 1 why this world is lost and ready for judgment.
    8. Paul gives three steps in man’s path to eternal separation from God.
    1. The revelation of God’s truth.
      1. According to this passage, mankind has no excuse for refusing God.
      2. God’s existence is clearly seen.
      3. God reveals Himself to mankind through:
        1. Conscious
          1. Romans 1:19
            1. “In them” – the inner, subjective witness of conscience.
            2. Regardless of background, circumstances, or environment, there’s an inner witness in each of us.
            3. John 1:9
        2. Creation
          1. Romans 1:20
          2. “Unto them” – the outward, objective witness of creation.
          3. Psalm 19:1-4
    2. The reach of God’s truth.
      1. This revelation of God is to all of mankind.
      2. Everyone is without excuse according to Romans 1.
    3. The resistance of God’s truth.
      1. Romans 1:18
        1. The word “hold” in this passage means to “hold back the truth,” “repress the truth,” “smother the truth,” or “suppress the truth.”
        2. This essentially means to resist the truth; some don’t want to know the truth of God.
        3. Those who do not believe in Almighty God hold back the truth.
  2. MAN’S WICKED SELF-DECEPTION  (Romans 1:20-21)
    1. There is a selfish indifference.
      1. Romans 1:20-21
      2. We don’t glorify God.
        1. Truth is not given to satisfy our curiosity, but so that we will worship God and glorify Him; be thankful to Him.
    2. There is a sophisticated ignorance.
      1. Romans 1:22
      2. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. But those who refuse to see think that they see perfectly clear.
        1. They profess themselves to be wise.
      3. When man does not believe in the true God, it does not mean that he believes in nothing. It means that he will believe anything.
        1. It’s not that men won’t believe; it’s what men will believe.
    3. There is shameful idolatry.
      1. Romans 1:23
        1. The word “changed” in this passage literally means “exchanged.”
        2. They want to glorify man and creation rather than God.
        3. Humanity takes our worst vices of war, greed, lust, and pride, and makes gods out of them.
          1. First, the sinner molds the idol, and then the idol molds the sinner.
      2. An idol is anything we love more, fear more, serve more, or value more than God.
      3. 2 Timothy 3:4
      4. We exchange, or substitute, the glory of Almighty God for these idols.
  3. MAN’S WOEFUL SELF-DESTRUCTION  (Romans 1:26-27)
    1. How does a society self-destruct?
      1. They become sexually perverted.
        1. Romans 1:26-27
        2. Leviticus 18:22
        3. Luke 17:26-30
        4. Ezekiel 16:48-50
        5. 2 Peter 2:6
        6. Isaiah 3:8-9
      2. They become socially perverted.
        1. Romans 1:28-31
      3. They become spiritually perverted.
        1. Romans 1:32
          1. They are aware of the judgment of God, but they don’t care.
    1. Three times in Romans 1, it states that God gave them up and gave them over.
    2. Hosea 4:17
    3. The worst thing that could happen for an individual or for a nation is to so resist God that He obliges us and leaves us in our sin.
    4. But the Good News is that Jesus Christ has paid our ransom and that God offers salvation to all who will believe.
      1. Romans 1:16
      2. Isaiah 1:18
    5. Through Jesus Christ, every sin can be forgiven.
    6. Do you know Jesus?
      1. Call upon Jesus today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
    7. Romans 10:9-10
    8. Romans 10:13


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