The Missing Link: Prayer

Ron English, Editor
Ron English, Editor

Years ago I heard a preacher say from the pulpit, “Every failure in America is a prayer failure.”   I think we can all agree that prayer is missing from too many hearts of our Christians today.  Oh, we might say a quick “thank you” over a meal, or a simple “bless me” as we retire at night, but how much serious praying do we do?  Praying is the one thing you can do that will not add any cost to your daily living, or take away much time from your crowded schedule.  You can pray while you drive—some of you text while you drive.  hope you stop that.  You can pray while you do the dishes or take out the garbage.  You can pray while you bathe the kids.  You can pray when you are out and about.  You can pray at your desk.  Have you spent any time this week doing mischief?  Think about this: What would happen good in your life if you substituted Prayer for that activity that detracts from you as a Christian, as a mother, as a father, as a friend?  Muse on this.  Reflect on Michael Guido’s brief devotional on Prayer this morning.  Let good thoughts flood your mind and heart.  Dr. Bob Jones, Sr., the founder of Bob Jones University, was noted for his pithy sayings.  One of his sayings resonates today, “Do right!  Do right even if the stars fall.” 

You might never have the opportunity to teach a Bible class.  You may never answer the call to preach a sermon, or go away to some distant mission field.  But you could become a minister of prayer.  You could be the best prayer warrior in your church or family.  If prayer changes things–and I believe it does–you can become God’s agent for change through prayer. 

To whom should we pray?  I can almost hear your answer.  “We should pray to God!”  That is a powerful concept, praying to God.  Dr. J0hn R. Rice wrote a book that became America’s best selling book on prayer.  That book, “Prayer, Asking and Receiving.”  His big premise, “Prayer is asking God for things.  The answer to that prayer is receiving what you ask God for.” 

It is said that God delights in answering prayers.  We could provide a great deal of delight in His life and renewed life in ours if we learned how to pray.  Remember that the Spirit helps us pray.  With our determination to pray, and with the help of the Holy Spirit of God who shapes our prayers as He presents them to God–How can we fail in our prayer life? 

 Here is a verse that should encourage you to pray more: Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. –Phil. 4:6

Make today a “Prayer Day”  in your heart.  It has  been said that prayer changes things.  What things would you like to see changed in your life?  What changes need to be made in your work?  What changes need to be made in our country?  Make a prayer  list that is private and personal and important to you.  It might start like…

1. America

2. America’s leaders

3. Family

4. Work


The following is a brief devotional from the pen and heart of the late Michael Guido,

                                                          THE PRIVILEGE OF PRAYER
                                                                           Read Luke 18:1

A fellow was worried over his pending court case. He asked his lawyer, “How shall I plead?”

“On your knees,” he answered.

Our Lord invites you to tell Him your needs, and you may pray kneeling, standing, or sitting.

You may pray for any need – for rain, as did Elijah; for length of life, as did Hezekiah; or for a son, as did Hannah.

You may pray any time – in the morning, as David did; at noon, as Daniel did; and at midnight, as Silas did.

You may pray anywhere – in the garden, like our Lord; on the street, like Jairus; or in the temple, like Paul.

So pray. Remember, God specializes in the impossible.

Prayer: Father, we now turn to Thee in prayer; trusting Thee with our lives and our loved ones; waiting upon Thee to bless us with a happy, useful, victorious life: through Christ. Amen.

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  1. Prayer is very important. We should take the time to Thank God in addition to just asking Him for things.

    FROM: KINGSKID777 Prayer is very important. We should take the time to Thank God in addition to just asking Him for things.
    Dear KingsKid777, Thank you for visiting our site, I hope you will return often. I agree we should always be thankful and quick in expressing thanks to God. Much taught in Scripture about being thankful. However, prayer is asking and the answer to prayer is receiving. There are many forms of communications with and to God. Please don’t confuse the true meaning of prayer. God wants His children to ask Him for their needs. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you. –Editor

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    Thank you for visiting our blog, I am pleased you found it and even happier you enjoyed your visit. I don’t believe we should exchange links just now. However, I am honored you offered. I don’t have any doubts that you have, personally, trusted our Savior, but there are articles on your site that could be misleading to tender seekers and I do not wish to point these dear people to any site where they might be presented with obvious error. I urge you to prayerfully seek the help of the blessed Holy Spirit in editing your website. Thanks again for writing.

  3. I also believe that prayer is indeed the missing link not only for America but also in many places. Prayer can move mountains I must say. Try spending more time in praying and talking to God!

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