New Update on Cancer Killing Machine

Marianne Kanzius

Marianne Kanzius

Click on the following link for an update by the widow of John Kanzius on his remarkable Cancer Killing Machine.

Dr. Steven Curley, Spring 2009 Update

Dr. Steven Curley reports work is progressing at a rapid pace to take the Kanzius Non-invasive Radio Wave Cancer Treatment to the next step…clinical trials involving large animals are set to begin in fall, 2009. Equipment for those trials is now being built by Industrial Sales and Manufacturing, Inc. in Erie, Pennsylvania.research paper that demonstrates the optimal size for the fastest heating of gold nanoparticles being used in the research has been accepted for publication. This data is critical for FDA approval of the process being tested for use with the Kanzius Non-invasive Radio Wave Cancer Treatment machine.

A January, 2009 grant of $440,000 from the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation has been put to use with a significant increase in the research staff, and additional support of ongoing laboratory expenses at the MD Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Curley reports that another

New targeting antibodies for human liver, pancreas, prostate, breast and colorectal cancers are being studied at this time, in addition to two new antibodies for leukemia. All required procedures are being following with the FDA so that approval can be obtained to start clinical human trials as soon as possible.  No date can be estimated at this time.

In support of our fundraising activities, Dr. Curley spoke at two recent events in Florida, and plans are underway for an August/September symposium in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Visit Dr. Curley’s website for complete postings and for future updates.

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  1. I hope all visitors will plug into the Kanzius’ articles. If you know a person in Washington with some clout shoot them an email. Suggest they become familiar with this work. The future health of any number of our loved ones might well ride on the success of this machine. It’s the real deal. I have no doubt that this Cancer Killing Machine will revolutionize medicine as we know it–especially in the treatment of cancer. Pray for Dr. Curley and his team of researchers. Pray for Mrs. Kanzius and her money-raising success. We must not let this die. This is big!

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