Why Do the Wicked Live?



“Wherefore do the wicked live?”— Job xxi: 7,

By T DeWitt Talmage

Dr. T De Witt Talmage

Poor Job! With tusks and horns and hoofs and stings, all the misfortunes of life seemed to come upon him at once. Bankruptcy, bereavement, scandalization, and eruptive disease so irritating that he had to re-enforce his ten finger-nails with pieces of earthenware to scratch himself withal. His wife took the diagnosis of his complaints and prescribed profanity. She thought he would feel better if between the paroxysms of grief and pain he would swear a little. For each boil a plaster of objurgation.

Probably no man was ever more tempted to take the bad advice than when, at last, Job’s three exasperating friends came in, Eliphaz, Zophar, and Bildad, practically saying to him, “You old sinner, serves you right; you are a hypocrite; what a sight you are! God has sent these chastisements for your wickedness.”

The disfigured invalid, putting down the pieces of broken saucer with which he had been rubbing his arms, with swollen eyelids looks up and says to his garrulous friends in substance, “The most wicked people sometimes have the best health and are the most prospered,” and then in that connection hurls the question which every man and woman has asked in some juncture of affairs, “Wherefore do the wicked live?”

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