Then, There Were Four!

Billy Mays
Billy Mays

If celebrities die in threes and some say they do.  We have another series working with the death of Billy Mays, the famous TV pitchman.  More housewives have listened to his colorful presentations of  Oxi Clean–more important–they bought it.  He started out selling mops and knives at state fairs and at home shows popular in large cities.  From the git-go he was a natural for pitching products.  He loved meeting people and the people loved him.  On TV he was noted for saying, “Billy Mays here…”  Now Billy Mays is gone.  Gone, but not forgotten.  We salute him–he was one of the good guys.  Read my post, “They Die in Threes”.  Ed McMahon , too, was, after all a “pitchman” and now Billy Mays, a modern-day “pitchman”, dead at 50.

P.S.: Us guys bought his “pitches”,  too.  He was good!

Profound thought:  Billy Mays told every man, woman and child in America about Oxi Clean.  You would be hard pressed to find any living soul in this country who has not heard him speak of this product–Oxi Clean.  I wonder–is it alright if I wonder about something?  I wonder if Billy Mays ever told a single soul about the cleansing power of Jesus Christ?  I am making no judgement about Billy Mays” relationship to Christ.  I have no idea of his spiritual walk.  I am just wondering if he ever told a person anywhere about Jesus. 

Well, it is too late to wonder about Billy Mays.  He has stepped out into eternity.  He is gone from this earth.  His opportunities for talking about Jesus have ended.  But what about you?  Have you ever spoken to a single soul about Jesus Christ?  Have you ever won a person to Christ?  If the redeemed of the Lord–that is the saved people who are going to Heaven when they die–if they are commanded to speak of Jesus–how many of us do so?   Billy Mays probably didn’t have a clue that he would die so young–50 years old is young to many of us.  When will you die?  Will it be today?  Tomorrow?  Next year?  The Bible Says “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  In the post just ahead of this one is the sermon outline by Dr. Charles Stanley.  Dr. Stanley is the pastor of First Baptist Church, Atlanta.  He is the head of the worldwide ministry of Intouch.  His subject is the important topic of the month–“The Precious Blood of Jesus.”  Read it–study it–go to Dr. Stanley’s website and listen to his sermon.  It is powerful.  Let that message sink into your heart.  Then go tell one of your loved ones that message.  Win that loved one to Jesus Christ today.  Don’t delay.  Dr. Stanley’s message is one-million times more important than Billy Mays’ message about Oxi Clean.

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