Last Judgement of the Unsaved Dead

John R Rice

 Here is a powerful message delivered by Dr. John R. Rice, Longtime Editor of The Sword of the Lord

This is a link that will connect you to an audio recording of a famous and classic sermon preached by John R.  Rice.  This is a burning message he delivered in his old-time revival meetings back in Texas and other parts of the country.  His last big, extended meeting was held in Columbus, Georgia.  This message was one he preached during that three-week meeting.  I was in that meeting and heard this sermon delivered before a great crowd.   I was at his bedside during his last, lingering days in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where he would leave this world for his Heavenly home.  His dear wife, LLoys, was at his side.  It was Christmastime and my little family was expected in Georgia for the holidays.  I was hesitant to leave while Dr. Rice’s death was so near.   Mrs. Rice insisted that I go on to Georgia and have Christmas with my family.  She said, “God will keep Dr. Rice until you return.”  And that is what happened.  I left and had Christmas with my family and the family of my wife.  The night we returned I visited the hospital and things were pretty much the way they were when I left.  Mrs. Rice was at the foot of her dear husband’s bed where she was rubbing his feet and kissing them.  She looked up at me and said, “I told you the Lord would keep him here for your return.”  Dr. Rice died that night.  Her words were sweet and his death did take place after my return, but I know all of that was in the timing of the Lord and in keeping with His will.  Dr. Rice wrote the best selling book on prayer and was known across the nation as a man of prayer, but his loving wife, Lloys, was a mighty woman of prayer, too.  His story would not be complete without the faithful life and love of his dear wife.

Please click the following link to hear this powerful revival message, “The Last Judgement of the Unsaved Dead.”  It was also known as “When Skeletons Come Out of their Closets” or “Chickens Come Home to Roost.”

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