Lester Roloff, His Famous Sermon

Lester Roloff  delivered a sermon that would become, perhaps, his most famous message.  He founded the Roloff Homes in Texas.  He preached all over the USA and inspired many thousands of believrs.  He was old fashioned before it became fashionable.  I wish you could have known him.  He was killed in an unfortunate small plane crash and his popular Honey Bee Singers died with him.  I believe he had just preached at his old friend’s church, Highland Park Baptist in Chattanooga (Dr. Lee Roberson, Pastor) and was on the way home when the crash happened.  He left his mark on all who ever heard him in person or on the radio.  Click on the link below.  This is a remarkable and colorful message you will not ever forget.  Don’t miss it!  Brother Roloff (he always preferred you call him Brother Roloff) introduces you to two famous doctors of the Scriptures.

Dr. Law and Dr. Grace

After listening to Brother Roloff preach, I want you to hear him sing.  Here he is singing, Hold On Just a Little Longer.


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  1. I too was touched by brother roloff, granny and papa and mr and mrs Cameron and so many others. I lived at the rebekah home for girls from about 1974 until 1976 and saw and witnessed nothing but love while I was, the discipline was not ridiculous and these folks gave their all to make a difference in some of our lives. Most of us at 14-15-16 were a mess in so many ways. Not an east job to take on as so much had to be taught spiritually and justbinan ordinary day with responsibilities and most of us were angry at everything. When brother roloff would stand tall at the podeum and tears would just roll down his cheeks as he was preaching and living what he trully believed God wanted. I will always be greatfull for what my soul take away with me, mow I continued to make several wrong choices after leaving, but this time I was a child of God and eventually found my way back to him. God Bless you all, Leann Heilbronn graduating Class of 1976

  2. Hi……I am a 50 year old man who lives in Dayton , Ohio…….I listened to Brother Roloff For several years when i was in my early 20’s……I am still a lost unpracticing Catholic….I pray to meet a sweet christian woman that i can build a life with……….please pray for me if you think about it…..thank you…..

  3. Hello, Marsha.

    Thanks for writing. I, too, am happy you found our website. I hope you will visit often. We have prayerfully published many wonderful helps and resources on this site. All of them free. Enjoy.

  4. I used to listen to Lester Rolof on my way to work on the radio in 1989.He was such an inspiration to me.Im glad I found this website.At the time my family was being persecuted.He helped me see things in a different light and told me to pray for my enemies.Thajnk you God for this very special man!

  5. I am happy you benefited from hearing Brother Roloff’s singing. He had a distinct sound and pathos that touched many lives over the years of his unusual ministry. He was a man of strong character and manifested a love for God and the Bible. I hope you have repented of your backsliding and turned back to the Lord. Stay with God, walk daily with Him. Read your Bible and meditate on the Scriptures. Find a church that honors the Word of God and a pastor who is a passionate soul winner. Become a part of that fellowship. Associate yourself with other Christians who are walking straight. Write me again if I can help.
    The Editor-Salvationlinks.com

  6. From the Editor: I removed a post that was lodged against Brother Roloff today. This editor does not permit unsubstantiated accusations to be posted on this blog. I wrote to the person who posted the remarks and expressed my concern. I also shared my biblical reason for removing her post. You may read the Scripture I quoted: 1 Timothy 5:19.

  7. Tracy,
    That’s the sweetest letter coming on the eve of Easter 2010. I know, without a doubt, Brother Roloff was, and is, proud of you. He was a dear man of God and I am glad to say I knew him. I was one of the supporting pastors for his meeting in Columbus, Georgia, back in the early 1970s. My wife and I had two of the girls stay in our home at Lumpkin, GA. We were blessed by them and always by Brother Roloff.

    I am especially happy to hear from you and to know you have gone on for the Lord and are happily married with children. Nothing would have pleased Brother Roloff more than that. You folks did more good than you will ever know as you touched hearts with your seet singing and testimonies. You influenced many for Heaven and that’s a great thing to have in your heart of memories.

    I have Brother Roloff singing on the blog you visited. Thanks again for writing. You made my day.

    Here’s our virtual hug from across the miles,


  8. As a 15 year old girl I flew with Bro. Roloff the last year of his life(82).Iwas in the Honeybee trio. I left early so I could start the school year in August. Our trio was scheduled to fly with him when he chashed, but since I broke up the trio another group took our place.I believe Bro. Roloff( granddaddy we called him in private) would be proud of how Ive served the Lord as Ive grown up.Many times we would fly in bad weather and I would get terrible air sick and when I was scared I would say to myself”dont be silly-Im flying with Bro Roloff! Gods not going to let anything happen to this plane!!}Well, I guess God had different plans for me and I hope by sparring me, God has been pleased and glorified through my life. I havent stopped singing and now Im 43 and been married to the love of my life for 24 years and have ministered through music with my husband for 25 years. Im not quite sure why Im writing this- i guess just to say I miss you Granddad and hope Ive made you proud>

  9. Oh, the song by Brother Lester Roloff, Hold On a Little Longer, is so sweet and spiritual. Listen to Brother Roloff’s rich, deep voice. If this song doesn’t ring your bell, your clapper is broken.

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