One Second on the Clock

The longest second in college football.

Auburn Alabama pixAlabama and Auburn…this is one time the fat lady didn’t have to sing. Whoever said it ain’t over till its over must have had a day like this in mind. Who would have thunk it? I suggested to my Radio Talk Show Host son-in-law at the table Friday night…this might be a surprise for Alabama. It was…for me, too. Oh, what one second can do to a ball game. If there is a moral to the story… It is, Don’t quit. One famous coach said one time he never lost a game…he just ran out of time. That was surely the case in that Auburn-Alabama game. Speaking of time… just how much of it do you have left? If you should be coming up on the one-second mark for your earthly life what would the last call be? Alabama lost this game before the coin toss and Auburn won this game before the field goal attempt was kicked. Your eternal destiny will be decided long before your last second of life. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. 

Watch the last minute of that game for the win.

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