Panel Discussion on Preaching

When you hear each of these men share their secret preparation procedure for building their Sunday sermons you will discover why I placed this on my Facebook. You will never get this in your Bible school…seminary…pastoral training. Here you will find secrets not given in other places. Shout now!!!  This post is primarily for any preachers, pastors and Bible teachers who may see this. This is a important Panel Discussion on preachers and their preaching and teaching. Important. Timely. Helpful. Men on the Panel will hold you spell bound as they unravel their secrets that have made them compelling forces in their respective congregations.

Pastor Greg Laurie hosts a panel of well-known pastors where some of the most vital questions were asked and answered.  Very helpful to other pastors, preachers & Bible teachers.  Timely, useful, provocative and powerfully enlightening.   Included on this panel is: Greg Laurie; John MacArthur; Chuck Swindoll, Jack Graham and a pastor from Canada, James Macdonald.



Greg Laurie
Greg Laurie
James Macdonald
James Macdonald


Chuck Swindoll
Chuck Swindoll
Jack Graham
Jack Graham

John MacArthur
John MacArthur

Trust God!

Trust God! – Charles R. Swindoll


Chuck Swindoll
Chuck Swindoll

Have you been to that place in the road where you just do not know what you are going to do?  You have questions but no answers?   You are hurting but there is no relief?  Are you facing a crisis you fear you can not navigate the depths…you do not have a ready answer…you do not know where to turn next?  You do not want to fall back on what has almost become a cliche…TRUST GOD! Yes, you know that is exactly what you should do.  Here is a message from a man who has faced many hurdles, counseled many dear men and women who have faced the impossible.  What did he do?  What did he urge his friends and church members to do?  Watch this simple, but powerful message and let God speak through Chuck Swindoll to your aching heart.


The Door Is Closed: Why?

When God Closes a Door – Charles R. Swindoll

A video made at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Chuck Swindoll
Chuck Swindoll


     Published on May 7, 2012

       Dr. Charles Swindoll, Chancellor of Dallas Seminary and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, offers an encouraging  perspective to the times when God closes a door in our lives.


You Can Know You Are Saved

Adrian Rogers
Adrian Rogers


You Can Be Sure

By Adrian Rogers

BIBLE TEXT: Romans 8:28-31 


    1. Many Christians struggle with doubting their salvation.  But God intends for those who are saved to have assurance of their salvation; a know-so salvation.
    2. There are five foundational facts upon which our faith rests.
      1. Romans 8:28-31
    1. God is omniscient, and He knew you were going to be saved before you ever got saved.
    2. The elect are those who receive Jesus as Lord.
      1. 1 Peter 1:2
      2. John 6:37
      3. The doctrine of election can only be viewed accurately and appropriately from Heaven’s viewpoint; we get confused when we try to understand election from our earthly viewpoint.
    3. Your election is based upon God’s foreknowledge.
      1. To foreknow does not mean “to cause”.
      2. God knows everything that is going to happen; God knew from all eternity who would choose Him and who would not.
    1. God does NOT predestine some people to Heaven and others to Hell.  God desires that all should be saved.
      1. 1 Timothy 2:3-6
      2. 2 Peter 3:9
      3. 2 Corinthians 5:13-15
    2. God gives us a will; we can choose to either accept Jesus or reject Him.
      1. Matthew 23:37
    3. When God saves someone, He predestines that person to be like the Lord Jesus.  This is an evidence of eternal security.
      1. 1 John 3:2
      2. Predestination is the act of an omnipotent God who says it’s going to be done; what has been settled in Heaven cannot be annulled by Hell or humanity.
    1. God calls people to salvation through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
      1. 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14
    2. This call can be accepted or refused.
    3. Revelation 22:17
    4. Scripture says that we can resist God’s call to salvation.
      1. Acts 7:51
      2. Matthew 23:37
      3. Proverbs 1:22-23
    5. C.S. Lewis said that there are two categories of persons those who are like Satan and those who are like Jesus.
      1. Satan in essence said to God, “Not Thy will, but my will be done.”
        1. Isaiah 14:13-14
      2. Jesus said, “Not My will, but Thine be done.”
        1. Luke 22:42
    1. Justification is an act of God, whereby He declares those who have received Jesus Christ righteous. This does not mean that they have earned righteousness; it means that righteousness has been given to them, apart from anything that they have done to deserve it, but because they have trusted in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.
      1. Romans 4:5
    2. The only way to be justified is through the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
      1. Romans 5:9
      2. Romans 3:24
      3. Romans 4:6-8
      4. Romans 5:1
      5. Psalm 32:2
      6. Romans 8:33
    3. This does not mean that we have license to sin.
      1. Hebrews 12:6
    1. Remember that God is in eternity, not bound by time.
    2. God saw you as a lost sinner; He saw you under conviction; He saw you receiving Christ; He saw you in your sanctification; and in the heart and mind of God, He sees you already in Heaven.


Roy Exum: Bear Bryant’s Hour Of Power

Monday, August 20, 2007 – by Roy Exum
Roy Exum

Robert Schuller
Robert Schuller
Coach Bear Bryant
Coach Bear Bryant
Roy Exum

The interview was over and Robert Shuller and I were both delighted because it had been fun for both of us. Oh, it’s now been 10 or 12 years since the interview took place, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

I’d flown out to California to do an in-depth article on this preacher whose message, via his weekly “Hour of Power” television ministry, reaches 90 million people across the world every Sunday.

We had lunch together after his last service of the day at his famed “Crystal Cathedral” and we’d talked about all kinds of things; why he gives trinkets away on his program and the fact his goal is to spread a message of “possibility thinking” around the globe through Jesus Christ.

As we got up from the table, I asked him one more thing, “Is that story about Bear Bryant on the airplane true?” and Dr. Shuller laughed, calling what happened one of the real highlights of his entire life.

People are still fascinated over Coach Bryant, the giant of a football coach who took “ordinary” boys and built a dynasty at the University of Alabama before he died in 1983. Not long ago he was named as the “Most Influential Man” in the 75-year history of the Southeastern Conference.

But what occurred in an airplane somewhere in the sky over California may have been his biggest victory and Dr. Shuller told me he will never forget it either.

Bob and his wife Arvella had wiggled around and juggled things where they were going to take one of those delicious three-day, “no plans” vacations in Palm Springs. The demands on Dr. Shuller’s life are extraordinary and finally they were at 30,000 feet, Dr. Shuller with his newspapers and his wife with her book.

A man, a big man who looked as though he was dressed for a round of golf, walked up to the airplane seat and said in a gravely voice, “Are you Robert Shuller?” and Dr. Shuller inwardly cringed because they’d taken the early-morning flight hoping to escape this very thing.

“Yes I am. Good morning,” said the preacher, immediately shaking his newspaper and burying his face in it. But the man stood still, not to be dissuaded by body language, and said simply, “My momma used to watch you every Sunday before she passed away.

”Dr. Shuller looked up for only a milli-second and responded, “Oh, I appreciate that …” before going back to his paper. But the big man still stood there, ignoring the silence.

“My wife watches you now all the time,” said the man, pausing just so before adding, “and I guess I watch you when I can.”

Dr. Shuller, sensing this one wasn’t taking the hint, sighed in a way of resignation, tucked his newspaper away and finally stood to speak. He stuck out his hand, smiled like he does, and said, “Well, it’s great to meet a fellow Christian.”

The man, taking Dr. Shuller’s hand and shaking it, replied, “That’s my deal … I don’t know if I’m a Christian or not. My name is Paul Bryant. A lot of people call me ‘Bear.’”

The second he said it, Dr. Shuller about jumped out of the plane. “Oh my goodness, here I am trying to ignore the greatest football coach of all time.” Dr. Shuller laughed years later, the day of the interview. “Bear Bryant was one of my heroes, and had been forever because if ever there was a ‘possibility thinker,’ he was it.

“Living in California, I would look for anything I could find about him and used his stories and sayings down through the years,” said Dr. Shuller, lowering his voice and mimicking, “I ain’t nothing but a winner!”

“When he was on that plane he didn’t have on his checked hat and was obviously not on a football field so I didn’t recognize him. And when he told me he didn’t know if he was a Christian, I immediately responded, ‘Well, let me be your coach for a minute. What don’t you understand?”

Coach Bryant held up some crooked fingers and said, “I’ve got three things that bother me,” and Dr. Shuller nodded and replied, “I’d like to hear ‘em.”

“Well, when I get around Oral Roberts and Billy Graham and people like that, I enjoy visiting with them, but, like with you right now, I don’t get any special feeling, no sense of a holy man,” said Coach and Dr. Shuller nodded, replying, “I got that one … what’s number two?”

“It says in the Bible some prophet or somebody sent a bear to eat up some little kids. I don’t believe Jesus would have done that. I don’t get it,” continued Coach and Dr. Shuller, listening carefully, said simply, “What’s your number three?”

“Well,” Coach hesitated for a second before he revealed, “I do some things I ought’n to do … like smoke cigarettes and stuff.”

Now it was Dr. Shuller’s turn. This was tough, leathery, and very famous Bear Bryant, but the pastor took a different tack.

Dr, Shuller put his hand gently on Coach’s shoulder, smiled in a sincere way while looking him right in the eye, and said in a quiet voice. “I know how you feel. I’m the same way at times, but consider these solutions for a minute ….

“First off, I don’t know how you think you ought to feel. I can only say I’ve never gotten any kind of feeling either. But the big thing is that when we get to heaven, nobody is going to ask us how we feel. Feeling has nothing at all to do with it. It’s about faith, not feeling.

“Secondly, your story about the prophet sending a bear to eat up some kids is not quite what I got when I read that, but it doesn’t matter. Coach, it says elsewhere in the Bible that there are parts of the Bible none of us will understand until we get to the Kingdom,” Dr. Shuller continued in his warm way.

“There’s one more thing. I don’t believe that when we get to heaven anyone’s going to ask if we believe everything in the Bible. It was put here as a rule book, a guide for use to follow. Don’t let the way you interpret one or two verses take away from what the Bible can mean in your life. But, when you get to heaven, the Bible won’t be part of the conversation.

“Now, the big one .. you do some things you say you ought’n to do. We all do. We try hard to avoid all the traps, all the potholes, all the obstacles, and we as humans fail at times. The goal is just like you tell your players. Do the best you can.

“When you get knocked down,” Dr. Shuller raised his eyebrows, “then get back up and try again to do your very best. It says that in the Bible.”

Then Shuller, when he recalled the incident years later, did something he had never done before when talking with a struggler.

“I had a simple index card in my shirt pocket, one I’d jot notes to myself during the day, so I pulled it out and wrote on that card, ‘All ye who come unto me I will be no means cast away.’ Then I drew a single line under it and handed it to Coach Bryant.

“Coach, you believe that?”

“Yessir, I do,” answered Bear Bryant so Dr. Shuller gently responded, “Then sign it.”

“I don’t know whether I should do that right now. I don’t know that now’s the time,” said Coach Bryant, the humanly struggle so strong within him,” and Dr. Shuller again put his hand on Coach’s shoulder and said, “I don’t know whether this plane will land in a little while, either.”

Coach Bryant locked eyes with Dr. Shuller and said simply, “Gimme your pen.”

Years later Dr. Shuller’s eyes glistened as he told how Coach Bryant signed his name on that card and then reached in his pant’s pocket to pull out his wallet.

“That wallet was thick and had these big rubber bands around it. Coach Bryant took that card and he folded it, creasing it with those crooked fingers and then he folded the card again before tucking it in his wallet,” Dr. Shuler told me.

Then he said, “Coach Bryant looked me in the eye, said a simple ‘Thank you’ and went back to his seat on the airplane. Six weeks after that, Bear Bryant died.”

I think about Robert Shuller sometimes. I’ve read his book and, yesterday, saw him on TV. I’ve also got a card just like he gave Coach Bryant in my own wallet.

God said it. I believe it. And I signed it.