It is Time to be Strong

By Charles H. Spurgeon

Joshua 1:7

“Only be thou strong and very courageous.”


Charles H Spurgeon
Charles H Spurgeon

Our God’s tender love for His servants makes Him concerned for the state of their inward feelings. He desires them to be of good courage.

Some esteem it a small thing for a believer to be vexed with doubts and fears, but God does not at all wish that for you.  From this text it is plain that our Master would not have us entangled with fears.

He would have us:  

Without carefulness… He does not want you troubled, or attended with anxiety. Overly full of care & concern.

Without doubt… a feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality, or nature of something. Believe firmly in God’s Word & in Him

Without cowardice… lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc. In other words, don’t be timid and weak in your Christian faith. Stand up for Jesus.

Our Master does not think lightly of our unbelief as we do. When we are desponding (to be depressed by loss of hope, confidence, or courage)  we are subject to a grievous malady, not to be trifled with, but to be carried at once to the beloved Physician. Our Lord loveth not to see our countenance sad.

Remember the law of Ahasuerus… that no one should come into the king’s court dressed in mourning: this is not the law of the King of kings, This is not the law of our blessed Redeemer… for we may come mourning as we are; but still He would have us put off the spirit of heaviness, and put on the garment of praise, for there is much reason to rejoice.

The Christian man ought to be of a courageous spirit, in order that he may glorify the Lord by enduring trials in a heroic manner. If he be fearful and fainthearted, it will dishonour his God. Besides, what a bad example it is. This disease of doubtfulness and discouragement is an epidemic which soon spreads amongst the Lord’s flock.

One downcast believer makes twenty souls sad. Moreover, unless your courage is kept up Satan will be too much for you. Let your spirit be joyful in God your Saviour, the joy of the Lord shall be your strength, and no fiend of hell shall make headway against you: but cowardice throws down the banner.

Moreover, labour is light to a man of cheerful spirit; and success waits upon cheerfulness. The man who toils, rejoicing in his God, believing with all his heart, has success guaranteed. He who sows in hope shall reap in joy; therefore, dear reader, “be thou strong, and very courageous.”

By Charles H. Spurgeon / Edited by Ron English Note: The editor has been most careful to not change Mr. Spurgeon’s meaning. His edits are faithful to the text.


Victory is Yours, Right Now!

Psalm 118:12

In the name of the Lord I will destroy them.

 Our Lord Jesus, by His death, did not purchase a right to only a part of us but to the entire person. He contemplated in His death on the cross, the sanctification of us, the spiritually setting apart of each Christian, wholly, spirit, soul, and body; that in this triple kingdom He Himself might reign supreme without a rival.

 It is the business of the newborn nature which God has given to the regenerate, that is the saved, to assert the rights of the Lord Jesus Christ. My soul, so far as thou art a child of God, thou must conquer all the rest of thyself which yet remains unblest; thou must subdue all thy powers and passions to the silver scepter of Jesus’ gracious reign, and thou must never be satisfied till He who is King by purchase becomes also King by gracious coronation, and reigns in thee supreme.

 Seeing, then, that sin has no right to any part of us, we go about a good and lawful warfare when we seek, in the name of Jesus Christ, to drive it out.

 O my body, thou art a member of Christ: shall I tolerate thy subjection to the prince of darkness?

 O my soul, Christ has suffered for thy sins, and redeemed thee with His most precious blood: shall I suffer thy memory to become a storehouse of evil?

Shall I permit my earthly passions to be firebrands of iniquity?

Shall I surrender my judgment to be perverted by error, or my will to be led in fetters of iniquity?

No, my soul, thou art Christ’s, and sin hath no right to thee. Be courageous concerning this, O Christian! Be not dispirited, as though your spiritual enemies could never be destroyed. You are able to overcome them—not in your own strength—the weakest of them would be too much for you in that; but you can and shall overcome them through the blood of the Lamb.

Charles H Spurgeon
Charles H Spurgeon

Do not ask, “How shall I dispossess them, for they are greater and mightier than I?” but go to the strong for strength, wait humbly upon God, and the mighty God of Jacob will surely come to the rescue, and you shall sing of victory through His grace.  Remember, He that is in you is greater than that is in the world. The verse: First John 4:4, “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

Spurgeon Devotion edited by Ron English

Jesus never corrected, withdrew, or amended any statement He ever made?

The Perfect Sacrifice

Adrian Rogers and FaithBIBLE MEDITATION:
“How much more shall the blood of Christ, Who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?” Hebrews 9:14

The Lord Jesus lived an amazing life. Do you realize that Jesus never corrected, withdrew, or amended any statement He ever made? I wish I could say that! Jesus Christ never apologized for anything He ever did or said. He never sought advice from anyone, nor ever needed to ask for forgiveness.

Jesus Christ doesn’t have any strong points. For Him to have strong points, He would have to have weak points. Robert Clark has rightly given this assessment of the character of Jesus: “There was meekness without weakness, tenderness without feebleness, firmness without coarseness, love without sentimentality, holiness without sanctimoniousness, lowliness without lowness, truth without error, enthusiasm without fanaticism, passion without prejudice, heavenly mindedness without forgetfulness, carefreeness without carelessness, service without servility, self exaltation without egotism, judgment without harshness, seriousness without somberness, mercy without softness.”

What a person was the Lord Jesus Christ! Today, embrace the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior with this renewed sense of Who He was—His matchless character. This is the One Who laid down His life for you.

Great Song for Easter

  1. William R. Newell
    William R. Newell

    Editors Note:  William R. Newell wrote this great Hymn and Bible believers everywhere have sung it in churches, brush arbor meetings, revivals.  If you know the tune why not sing it right now.  This is a wonderful time to enjoy this song and bless yourself and others who might join in. 

  2.   1.  Years I spent in vanity and pride,
    Caring not my Lord was crucified,
    Knowing not it was for me He died
    On Calvary.By God’s Word at last my sin I learned;

    • Refrain:
      Mercy there was great, and grace was free;
      Pardon there was multiplied to me;
      There my burdened soul found liberty
      At Calvary.
  3. Then I trembled at the law I’d spurned,
    Till my guilty soul imploring turned
    To Calvary.
  4. Now I’ve giv’n to Jesus everything,
    Now I gladly own Him as my King,
    Now my raptured soul can only sing
    Of Calvary!
  5. Oh, the love that drew salvation’s plan!
    Oh, the grace that brought it down to man!
    Oh, the mighty gulf that God did span
    At Calvary!

In a Moment of Time


By Peter Mucher, Founder of Beacon World Missions

“And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, showed to him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.” –Luke 4:5
“The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.” –Nahum 1:3

Tornado in Oklahoma
Tornado in Oklahoma

Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit, was led into the wilderness where He was tempted by the Devil for 40 days and during those days He did not eat.  Satan did his best to tempt Jesus to no avail.  The text says that the Devil acted in a “moment of time”.  Satan is quick and will attack any one.  If he tried to spin his magic on Jesus, he will have no reservations on going after you.
Each day we pick up the newspaper, or tune our Television to a news channel, or click on our I-pad, Smart phone, or Computer where we can review the news in a 100 places at the click of a mouse or TV remote.  We have instant news reports streaming into our home, or office.  Without a doubt tragedy can strike in a moment of time.
All of us remember the 2004 series of deadly Tsunamis triggered when devastating earthquakes struck Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.   Reports over 300,000 killed or lost in Indonesia alone.  A cyclone hit Burma killing another 138,000 in May, 2008.  However, the deadliest tragedy hit China in the 1931 floods killing up to four million people and the 1976 earthquake that hit Tang Shan, China, killing another 700,000.
More recently a deadly series of tornadoes hit Alabama and Georgia in a sudden event that caused widespread destruction, lots of collateral damage and loss of life.  Whether it is from an earthquake, cyclone, flooding, volcanic eruption, landslides, hurricanes, etc., these natural disasters strike with little warning cause catastrophic damage and untold numbers in loss of life.
As a missionary, my wife and I are away from our home in Trenton, Georgia, a good many days out of the year.  We were away in April, 2011, when an awful tornado ripped through our community and utterly destroyed our home and office. (That was, I believe, the same series of Tornadoes that swept through Tuscaloosa, Alabama, killing and destroying leaving many injured.)  Thankfully, none of our family was home.  But in a moment of time almost all of our worldly goods were gone!  Some of our neighbors were hit harder than us and few lost their life and many suffered injuries.
I don’t have to convince you that great tragedy can sweep across your life and destroy all you own, kill your loved ones and leave you devastated and in too many cases, broke.  We see and hear of these tragic events all too often.  But I wish to speak to you about a far worse storm that can hit you, personally, and attack your home and your loved ones.

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Sentence Sermons by Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.

Bob Jones, Sr.
Bob Jones, Sr.

Quotes from Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.

  • Every successful man I have ever met had come at some time under the dominating power of a great truth.
  • Don’t sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate.
  • It is a sin to do less than your best.
  • The greatest ability is dependability.
  • The test of your character is what it takes to stop you.
  • It is never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do right.
  • You and God make a majority in your community.
  • It is no disgrace to fail; it is a disgrace to do less than your best to keep from failing.
  • You can do anything you ought to do.
  • Finish the job.
  • Do right though the stars fall.
  • The door to the room of success swings on the hinges of opposition.
  • The two biggest little words in the English language are the two little words “do right.”
  • It is one thing to know there is a God; it’s another thing to know the God that is.
  • A man is a fool who leans on the arm of flesh when he can be supported by the arm of Omnipotence.
  • What you love and what you hate reveal what you are.
  • Jesus never taught men how to make a living; He taught men how to live.
  • Do not ask God to give you a light burden; ask Him to give you strong shoulders to carry a heavy burden.
  • It is better to die for something than to live for nothing.
  • A Christian does good deeds, but just doing good deeds does not make a man a Christian.
  • Your character is what God knows you to be; your reputation is what men think you are.
  • You and God make a majority in your community.
  • It is never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do right.
  • Jesus said that He would be in the midst of two or three gathered in His name, but this does not mean that our Lord does not like to have a larger crowd.
  • It is no disgrace to fail; it is a disgrace to do less than your best to keep from failing.
  • The religions of the world say, “do and live.” The religion of the Bible says, “live and do.”
  • God will not do for you what He has given you strength to do for yourself.
  • Dying men have said, “I am sorry I have been an atheist, an infidel, an agnostic, a skeptic, or a sinner”; but no man ever said with his last breath, “I am sorry I have lived a Christian life.”
  • The drunkard in the ditch has gone to the dogs. According to the Bible, the self-righteous man who thinks he doesn’t need God has gone to the Devil.
  • When I was fourteen years old, I knelt by my dying mother’s bed. She smiled at me through the death shadow on her face and said she was going Home. She asked me to meet her in Heaven, and I gave her my promise. Her body sleeps in a lonely cemetery in the state of Alabama. As I have sat by her grave and listened to a funeral dirge played by the wind in the pine trees nearby, I have said, “Mother, I will see you again someday.” Some people say I am dreaming. If I am, don’t wake me. If this world were all, I would want my Christian faith. My faith hangs a rainbow of hope over the dust of my beloved ones and kindles a smile on the brow of my bereavement. This world is not all. There is a God. There is a Heaven. There is a Hell. I am playing a safe game. If there were only one world, I have already won. Since there is an afterlife, I win for two worlds. You don’t have to take any chances with your soul. Don’ take any.