When is Marriage Like Glue?


When you stick with it.  Marriage is many things.  First and foremost–it is determination.  Be determined you will stay married.  You will not go to bed angry with the other.  You can work any thing out that should be worked out.  You can forgive the other of anything. “Love and Marriage , love and marriage, go together like a Horse and Carriage”.  I heard those words in sung by Frank Sinatra and Rosemary Cloonyover 50 years ago.  Check out this couple.    http://tinyurl.com/nxg5cs

Ann Does the Math

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter reviews the math in relation to Dr. George Tiller,  known in some circles as Dr. Tiller the Baby Killer, having performed more than 60,000 abortions (many of them late term abortions-worst of the worst).  He was recently gunned down inside his church in Kansas.  What the protesters couldn’t do, what the courts wouldn’t do, what the politicians dared not do, a lone gunman did last Sunday morning in a Lutheran church.  Note: This editor does not condone the murder of unborn babies or adults.    Click this link to read Ann Coulter’s report.  http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=32140

Zapping Cancer


John Kanzius
John Kanzius

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John Kanzius Speaks to Chamber of Commerce, Erie, PA

John Kanzius when asked, “What made you think you could cure cancer?”  He replied, “What made me think I couldn’t cure cancer?”  From boyhood builder of ham radios to adult owner of TV station, Kanzius has been a “can-do” person.  It took his own suffering and the observation of children suffering from the terrible effects of treating cancer that awakened the drive inside him to personally do something about this dreaded disease.  He did it.  Read and watch the Kanzius story as reported here by CBS news. 

Great report on possible cancer cure.

“Fascinating” Possible Cancer Treatment

CBS News Online


Cancer Researcher, Dr. Curley, in Washington

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dr-steven-curleyDr. Steven Curley is in Washington meeting with the FDA where he is to discuss further testing.  It is thought Dr. Curley will discuss testing the John Kanzius cancer killing machine on humans.  It is reported that the device has been 100 percent successful in all testing so far.  It shows remarkable promise.  So much so, that Dr. Curley says it is the most exciting news in over 20 years of research.    Watch the videos found on this blog and tell your friends about them.  You will be amazed.  Let’s all pray for Dr. Curley and the other researchers.   Pray the FDA will approve their petition for human testing.  Those tests will be costly in dollars.  Pray for the funding.