Cancer Cure?

CBS’s Early Show host, Harry Smith interviews John Kanzlus who invented a radio-wave machine that kills cancer cells. Lesley Stahl does even longer interview for 60 Minutes. Others: Dr. Steven Curley; Cancer Research Foundation; radio waves;

Cancer Machine Shows Promise

John Kanzius, a cancer patient, invented a machine that uses radio waves to kill cancer cells. Harry Smith speaks with Mr. Kanzius and Dr. Steven Curley, who is testing the device.

Has John Kanzlus invented a device that will cure cancer? Yes…maybe. It shows great promise says, Dr. Steven Curley. Harry Smith of CBS Early Show is impressed. Watch this video and you will be to.

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Please watch the video below for more information about this amazing invention.

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Cancer Killing Machine

By Ron English

John Kanzius was an unlikely inventor of a device that kills cancer cells using radio waves. Unlikely? You see he is not a doctor. In fact, he never graduated from college. He was, however, destined to become an American inventor. Growing up he built a ham radio from scratch. He learned about radio waves. Early on he was exposed to a radio wave that immediately heated up a coin in his pocket quickly burning his leg. He filed this experience away in his mind for another day. That day would arrive years later when he was tagged with a terminal case of B-cell Leukemia.

John was at M. D. Anderson Research Center undergoing treatment for his cancer. There he met young patients with various degrees of cancer and most, he thought, would suffer through the ravages of chemotherapy and many would, no doubt, die. He though there has to be a better way to fight cancer.

When Mr. Kanzius left the hospital he returned home. Uncomfortable from the chemo treatments and unable to sleep, he focused his thoughts on finding a better way to fight cancer. He found some odds and ends in his kitchen cabinets and garage. His mind took him back to the days when he built his own ham radio. He thought about radio waves. He remembered the coin heating up in his pocket. He had his clue. Radio waves can cure cancer? Yes…maybe! He set out to prove it.

He built a prototype of his invention in his garage. His wife at one time thought he was loosing his sanity. But soon she and others would consider this man just might be on to something big. He was. His new invention worked. It worked big. Bigger than anything he might first have imagined.

Back in Houston at the Cancer Center he met Dr. Steven Curley, the lead cancer researcher. As luck would have it, or as some might say, providentially, Dr. Curley was also treating Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Richard Smalley, for leukemia. Dr. Smalley, among his many honors, was one of the recipients of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This man did outstanding work and research on nanotechnology and nanoparticles. Dr. Smalley provided the nanoparticles that Dr. Curley used to prove the Kanzius machine would actually kill cancer cells. The particles were inserted inside a cancer cell of a rabbit and the radio waves used to heat them. Dr. Smalley died a few days after providing the particles, but not before Dr. Curley reported to him the first experiment worked. Dr. Smalley was excited at the possibilities of all this.

Research is taking place in two universities. The M. D. Anderson Cancer Research Center in Houston which is part of the University of Texas headed up by Dr. Curley. The other is being done by Dr. David Geller leading a team studying the Kanzius’ RF cancer treatment at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The work done by Dr. Geller and team corroborate the findings from the Texas group.

Harry Smith, CBS’s Early Show and Lesley Stahl of CBS’s 60 Minutes each did a segment on John and his cancer killing machine invention. These TV programs set the nation buzzing about this new idea to attack cancer. You can watch a replay of both videos on my website.

I suggest any who are interested go to the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation site and see how this man’s dream developed. Sadly, John died on Wednesday, February 18, 2009. His death came at a time when his beloved invention was entering final testing stages on animals and soon, we believe, approval will be won to start human trials. Complications from one of the very diseases his new invention will most likely be used to cure, leukemia, snuffed out his life.

Death did not take this remarkable man before he had helped raise a good bit of money to launch his new invention attracting the attention of the lead researcher at M. D. Anderson Cancer Research Center who believes this device is the most exciting news he has heard of in 20 years of research.

The day I write this, May 12, 2009, Dr. Steven Curley is in Washington meeting with the FDA for talks that may jump-start human testing. The early test made on rabbits, rats and other lab tests have been successful. Will John Kanzius be the missing link the world has been waiting on for the cure of this dreaded disease? Possibly. We should all pray for Drs. Curley and Geller.   This article salutes the memory of John Kanzius and Dr. Richard Smalley. Both of these men died much too soon from a common health enemy, leukemia.

Unlike so many possible cures we hear mentioned on TV that always seem to require years and years of further research John Kanzius machine is being perfected right now. Test are being done today. Perhaps human testing next year. We may be on the verge of the greatest breakthrough on curing cancer this world has known.

This article first published in Ezine Articles.  It is being reprinted here under the guidelines of that publication and the permission of the author.   Your editor believes this information is important for the public to know about and , hopefully, each reader will pass it along for others.  We need a host of friens to join in prayer that the research will continue and be successful.

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    Sadly, Mr. Kanzius lost his own battle with cancer Feb. 18. In an article ten days after he died, I highlighted both the story of his research on cancer and his research that resulted in being able to burn salt water. He was quite a remarkable guy.

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