Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Jonathan Edwards May Have Started America’s Great Awakening With this Sermon

Introduction by The Editor

Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Edwards

Here is a link that will take you to the full sermon.  Every Christian who possesses some sense of Christian history should read this classic sermon.   It is still researched today by those who study the influences of religion on men.  Dr. Edwards’ sermons and writings are in every major library in the United States and probably those around the world. 

Years ago I recorded the sermon on an audio cassette.  Later,  I drove, Rev. Fagen Elton,  a dear preacher-friend, to a North Arkansas Vetran’s hospital where he was to be treated for a severe kidney stone.  The man was hurting, at times bent over double, as that stone tore at his kidney.  He was stretched out on the floor of my van writhing in pain.  He urged me to play my recording of  Dr. Edwards’ sermon to help take his mind off his condition.  I did and he was so taken with the sermon that once in the hospital and his pain relieved he started witnessing to the doctors and nurses.  He talked to anyone who would listen.  One doctor indicated he was going to get right with God.  A nurse told him she would start back to church.  When he returned home the sermon was still burning in his heart.  A neighbor who rented a house from him dropped by to see how he was doing.  My friend recited the sermon to him almost word for word (his words).  The neighbor was greatly moved and visibly upset.  He ran out of the house and into the bathroom of his home.  He locked the door and wouldn’t come out.  His wife hurried down to the preacher and asked what he had done to her husband.  He assured her he had done nothing other than tell him the story of Jonathan Edward’s sermon.  She urged him to return with her and to see if he could get her husband to open the bathroom door.  He followed her home and  finally succeeded in getting his friend to open the door.  He did and was under such deep conviction that he told the preacher he had to have some spiritual relief.  My friend led him to Christ and later baptized him.  So the old sermon is still powerful.  It is still bringing people to Jesus.  Click on the following link and you can read the sermon.

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