Why Choose Hell?


Read Luke 16:19-31

There are close to 60,800 places to live in our nation. Some have interesting names like Acres of Diamond, Florida; Fearnot, Pennsylvania; Happyland, Connecticut.
Some prefer Boring, Maryland; Pitts, Georgia; and Hell, Michigan.
But none are happy in that eternal place of suffering the Bible calls Hell.
One who went there cried, “I am in anguish in these flames.”

And he didn’t want others to go there. He said, “I have five brothers…warn them about this place of torment lest they come here when they die.”

Want to escape it? The Bible says, “Anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Father, we come to Thee with our worries seeking confidence and courage; with our problems asking for wisdom and light; with our sorrows looking for comfort and strength; and with our sins praying for forgiveness: in Christ. Amen.

Dr. Guido prepared the following devotion and I reprint it here for your benefit.  Look at the title and read his simple presentation.  Very good.

Read Ephesians 5:22-33

If you change the position of one letter in the word “united,” you get another word, “untied.” That letter is “I.”

One couple was about to be untied. The wife prayed, “Lord, please take one of us home to heaven, so I can go and live with my mother.”

The root of most problems between the husband and wife is sin, and the root of all sin is selfishness.

When the love of the husband for his wife is sacrificial, and she loves her husband in a satisfying way, they’ll overcome selfishness.

As they submit to the Lord and each other, they’ll live for each other and for the Lord. Then they’ll stay united.

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Daily Devotional - December 2009
December 29, 2009


Dr. Michael A. Guido

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