The Real Meaning of Easter

William E Munsey

Easter is on your calendar, but few understand why?  It is not Easter bonnets, colored eggs and bunny rabbits.  The most significant event in the history of this world took place almost two-thousand years ago.

Sadly mostAmericans and very, precious few around the world know the real story and the history of that day.

Here is a link that will take you to the full story.  I hope you will open your heart and mind to this report and absorb this timely message.  Be sure and share the report with your friends on Facebook, email and with your local church family.

The Rev. William Munsey was a fervent minister that held his audiences spell-bound with each presentation.  But no message he delivered was better than this one.  He was frail in health and died as a young man, but he burned out for his Lord.  People would gather hours ahead of time to be sure and have a seat in his church.  They were never disappointed.

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