The Spoken Word of God

Dr. Turney

Meet Dr. Jack Turney and learn about the ministry that has consumed his energy and focus for so many years, The Spoken Word of God based in Orlando, Florida.  Brother Jack recently celebrated his 89th birthday.  His ministry is an amazing work of faith and blessing.  The church-building in India has grown remarkably with the blessings of God and the support of so many loving friends around the nation and indeed the world.   Click this link:


Marilyn Turney

Marilyn Turney is the daughter of Jack and Ruby Turney and is deeply involved in the ministry, The Spoken Word of God.  Marilyn has a wonderful commitment to her Savior, Jesus Christ and is never timid about sharing her faith.  She has come along side her dad to assist him in all the work of the ministry.  If you have never met her, you owe yourself a spiritual treat.  Contact this growing ministry today and learn how you can be a part of this dynamic outreach.  What could be a richer gift to give a third-world country than the Scriptures in their own language.  Visit The Spoken Word of God today.  Learn how your gift can be a vital part of this work.  Give a poor native a free meal and they are fed for a day.  And food is a wonderful gift.  But give them the Word of God and you have fed that soul, spiritually, for the rest of his or her life and helped spread the Gospel to many.

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